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Hand-Stamped Muslin Fabric That's To Dye For by Christen Hammons

There are a few staples in every crafter’s stash that are more affordable to buy in bulk quantities. One of these is unbleached muslin. It’s so much cheaper to buy it by the bolt than by the yard, but how can you possibly use up a bolt of the same fabric? Like many of you, I’m always looking for new ways to use my craft tools and supplies since I never seem to make a dent in them.

Inspiration struck while at the office one day. During an art selection, several of us were talking about how much we love the look of hand-dyed and torn fabric. There’s just so much you can do with it! I decided I’d try my hand at it.

One of the things I don’t have on hand is fabric dye, but what I do have a lot of is spray ink. So, I gathered up some of my muslin, a couple of spray inks, and some tubs. I wanted to create some muted colors, so I filled two tubs up with water. I added a teaspoon of spray ink to each tub. I ripped up some of the muslin and submersed it in the dye bath and let it sit for about 4 hours.

When I was happy with the color of the fabric, I removed it from the bath and rinsed thoroughly and then hung to dry. Once dry, I used stamps on some of the fabric pieces to add interest. I used the stamped “ribbon” to wrap gifts, but you could add it to jewelry, clothing, and just about anything else you think needs a little extra something.

Helpful hints:

  • Avoid using stamps with a lot of detail when stamping on fabric.
  • For my mixed-media work, I don’t mind a bit of messy stamping, but that doesn’t work well here. Take your time and apply a lot of pressure on the stamp.

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