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Get Organized: White and Gold Embossed Jars

Recently, I’ve been trying to whittle down my craft stash. I have supplies everywhere — under my bed, in my desk drawers, covering the closet, and on top of the dog’s crate. I even store my buttons in my sock drawer! In an effort to reclaim my living quarters and get organized, I made these jars so that my most treasured supplies can stay contained, but also be displayed to their best advantage. I am hoping that putting them out where I can see them will keep me inspired and creating.

White and Gold Embossed Jars Directions:

Tape off a shape on the Mason jar with masking tape or washi tape. Paint inside the tape with white gesso. Tip: The rub-ons seem to adhere well to certain types of glass, but won’t adhere at all to other types. Try a small test area to determine if the rub-ons will stick to the glass. If it sticks, you do not need to gesso the area first.

When gesso is completely dry, rub-on Christine Adolph’s Adhesive Rub-Ons onto the white area.

Peel off the backing and sprinkle with Gold Relique Powder. Brush off excess and set with a heat tool.

Tip: This design has a tendency to chip. To ensure that the design is permanent, etch the area before you apply the gesso to give the gesso more tooth to grab onto, and seal the embossed design with a clear acrylic sealer. Top with a Cosmo Cricket Show Topper and fill with your favorite crafting supplies.

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