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Full of Love – Treat Bags Project by Kristen Robinson

  • Full of Love – Treat Bags Project by Kristen Robinson

Guest Artist Kristen Robinson shows us how to create these tempting treat bags with only a handful of products. We think they’re the perfect indulgences to share with all!

Creating Resin Paper:
Lay tissue paper onto either a trash bag or non-stick craft sheet. Mix entire contents of plunger per manufacturer’s instructions. Using a foam brush or a sponge saturate the entire surface of 7Gypsies Collage Tissue Paper. Turn paper over and coat back. Allow to dry over night. Once the resin paper has dried remove from craft sheet and create hearts using a heart punch or scissors.

Altering the Bags:
Using a paintbrush and Studio Acrylic paint create a rectangle in the center of each bag; be sure to set the bags aside to dry. With a round brush draw a heart onto one of the bags and an X&O onto an additional bag. For a bit of variation adhere a scrap of ledger paper to the top of the remaining bag.  To the top of the ledger paper adhere one resin heart.
To complete your bags fold the tops of the bags over (about 1 inch), using a hole punch create two holes in each bag. Place bakers twine through the two holes tying it off in the center. Fill your bags with treats, goodies or notes of love.

We want to give a huge “thank you” to Kristen Robinson for sharing these wonderful Valentine’s Day delights!  To view Kristen’s upcoming class schedule and explore more of her artwork and loveliness, visit her blog at: kristenrobinson.typepad.com

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