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French Flea Market Laurel Wreath Project

While preparing for the French Flea Market Sale, I wanted to make something that incorporated some spare hardware, but also looked chic and modern. After a visit to the department store, I decided to recreate a magnolia wreath that I had seen on display. This wreath uses vintage and antique book pages to create the magnolia leaves and recycles some of the hardware from our French Flea Market.

French Flea Market Laurel Wreath Project Directions:

Cut a wreath shape from spare cardboard. Reinforce any bends in the cardboard with a second layer of cardboard glued to the back.

Cut leaf shapes out of old book text. Remember, the bottom of each leaf doesn’t have to be perfect because it will be hiding underneath the other layers. Be sure to cut the leaves different sizes so that they don’t all look the same.

Fold each leaf slightly down the center before hot gluing to the wreath so that they stand up a little more. Cover entire wreath form with leaf shapes.

Attach an embellishment to the bottom of the wreath as a focal point. Add a ribbon to the back for hanging.

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