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Finding Roots and Wings Project

It is said that “We must have roots and wings: roots to know where home is, and wings to fly off and practice what we’ve learned.” Our “home” is the place that is curated over a lifetime. We find the places that make us feel safe, loved, secure. We build it from the ground up, incorporating pieces of where we grew up, the people we trust, and pieces of the world that we’ve explored. However, we need wings to find our pieces of home. We must venture out into the great unknown and find what is home for us. This project is a reminder that we must trust both our roots and our wings. The home that we’ve built for ourselves is a place that encourages us to be our best self and to be rooted in these ideals, but our wings will help us find the best place to plant our roots.

Finding Roots and Wings Project Directions

Collage vintage book page onto a wooden house shape. Trim excess paper to expose the wood sides. Attach the paper to the house with gel medium.

Use a dry foam brush to apply gesso over the book text to mute the colors.

Once the gesso dries, dry brush turquoise paint to add a subtle pop of color.

Position butterfly and salvaged doll off center. Once satisfied, glue to the background with gel medium.

Cut scalloped border from book text. Adhere to the background, and then apply a light coat of gesso with a dry foam brush.

Add ChitChat Word Sticker.

Edge the house with black Distress Ink.

Use the Stabilo All Marking Pencil to outline elements of the collage.

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