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Faux Feathers Washi Project

With a little washi tape and some wire you can make your very own faux feathers. This is a fun project that can be used to add a handmade and colorful touch to gift packaging, home décor, and all sorts of projects. And you can color coordinate to suit any palette or occasion.

I used a piece of silver wire that was approximately 7-8 inches long. Choose your favorite washi tapes to work with. I used a fun red flower design and a blue polka dot washi tape. First add a strip of polka dot washi to the wire (so that the wire is running down the middle of the adhesive side) and then add an additional piece to the back of the tape. Layer additional strips of washi to make the feather wider.

Be sure to use good quality craft scissors. Trim the feather down to a feather shape then snip all the little strips just by cutting on an angle. I attached my feathers to a gift that was wrapped with kraft paper and some twine. You can add the same washi to the gift in various ways to accent and tie in the various washi patterns.

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