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Dream On Banner Project

In my circle of friends, babies (either on-the-way or already here) are abundant. I try to always make something for my girlfriends who are expecting; I think gifting something unique and handmade at a baby shower is a thoughtful way to show a friend that you really care. This banner would make a great gift for a friend who loves floral prints and pink shades. It was so simple to make — you could easily replicate this project in under an hour.  

Dream On Banner Tutorial:

Start by applying gesso to chipboard pieces with a foam brush, and set aside to dry.

When the chipboard has dried, lightly apply Distress Stain to give it a little color.

Trim floral-patterned paper to fit each chipboard shape, and attach with patterned washi tape.

Next, scoop texture paste into a bowl, and add a few drops of Distress Ink. Mix the paste thoroughly with a palette knife.

Once your texture paste is mixed, align letter stencil onto chipboard pieces, and apply texture paste, smoothing everything as you go.

When you are satisfied with the look, gently lift the stencil and clean immediately (before the paste has time to dry, otherwise it might ruin your stencil).

Set aside each chipboard piece to dry, and then attach all pieces with a hand-dyed ribbon.

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