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Charmed Floral Memory Fan Project by Ella Wilson

Growing up my mom had fans all over the house. Several times a year I give my mom flowers or a floral gift. Recently, I found a pair of fan earrings she had given me. This discovery sparked the idea to create a fan with flowers, charms, and memories. Fans have many meanings-but for me they represent decorative touches in my childhood home. Seeing a fan on display reminds me to find a moment of calm, revisit a happy memory, or take time out for tea. These days it is the cold, sweet, southern kind as I frequent the historic section of town window shopping. I always imagine to spy a pastel hooped skirt and a fan.



Online find a free Fan template, print it and cut it out. Set aside.

Now, find floral images and print them onto cardstock. I found a lot of beautiful images here:

Copy and paste images into a word.doc filling the page about 2/3rds full-now print.

With a pencil trace template onto floral image and cut out floral fan panels. You will need at least 6 fan panels, for your fan.

Using crafter’s glue add an ancestor image or make copies of family photos to personalize your fan.

Now rubber stamp images and words you like.

Next glue, torn pieces of paper tissue onto panels.

Use water soluble oil pastels to outline flowers or fill in spaces with color. Smear the color with a Q-tip or use a bit of water on a paint brush to spread color outward. Let dry.

You can add more rubber stamping to enhance the image.

Glue on paper flowers and/or stems.

With a darning needle poke two small holes tie on charm with embroidery floss or use colored wire.

Now, measure the bottom of fan points. I punched holes using a Crop-A-Dile setting of ¾ of an inch so, all fan panels would align.

Now add eyelets to all fan panels.

Layer your fan panels and loop seam binding or ribbon through the eyelets. Tie a square knot and trim ribbon. Ribbon size depends on what you prefer.

Ella Wilson is a Mixed Media artist who adores connecting her memories with various art forms. Her favorite flowers are Sweet Peas, Lilacs, and Lily of the Valley. Visit Ella here: and her shoppe:

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