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One of the most popular images we see here at Stampington & Company is a flying bird.  The ubiquity of birds is not incidental—since the dawn of the human species there has been a relationship between us and our feathered friends.  We study and admire birds, enjoy their song, and perhaps we even envy their freedom of flight.  They have come to represent many things in our culture, with influences in everything from religion to poetry and art. 

For this tempting template challenge, we pay homage to the breathtaking image of a bird in flight, and invite you to show us what this timeless image means to you.

Download this free Stampington & Company Bird Tempting Template.

After you've created your own version with this Bird template, we'd love to see it! Snap a photo of your finished work and share it with us on Instagram using #StampingtonMade for a chance to be a featured artist on @stampington!

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