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Be Authentic Art Journal Page Project by Guest Artist Cat Kerr

I recently took an online class with Dina Wakley on, and what I remember most about the class is Dina's lesson on white space. I for one have always had a problem with white space... I mean, if I see any, I impulsively want to cover it up! But after watching the class and listening to Dina explain how white space gives the eye a place to rest, I decided to follow her lead and not be so uptight about the process.

These Simple Geometric Shape Journal pages were created with Dina's lesson about white space in mind. They also represent my desire to NOT overdo it (something I admit to doing over and over). I found that making these simple shapes, textured with my stencil designs, created enough of an impact without having to cover every inch of the page.


Be Authentic Art Journal Page by Cat Kerr Directions:

  1. Add a drop of paint to the Gel Press Petites.
  2. Spread it with a brayer.

  3. Place a stencil on top and slide the brayer across the stencil. 

  4. Press the Petite onto a piece of white card stock. 

  5. Outline the shape with a fine tip pen and add text around the border of the shape.

  6. Splatter some black paint onto the page.

  7. Add some washi tape.

  8. Glue on a chipboard phase, paper doll and black thread.

About the Artist:

Cat Kerr is a mixed media artist, instructor, and designer. Her work has been featured in over 80 popular publications as well as on the cover of four Somerset Studio publications. Cat currently teaches online as well as at national retreats around the country. You can also currently see her on Season 2 and 3 on the PBS show "Make it Artsy."

Learn more about Cat by visiting her website:

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