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A Tube-ular Candle-Making Kit Project by Christen Hammons

It seems like more of my friends and family members are making their own bath, body, and home products. We’re frequently sharing tips and recipes for body scrubs, diffuser blends, and things like that. We often share our supplies as well. Sometimes it’s because you have to buy the ingredients in such large quantities, and other times it’s because someone new is dipping their toe in this world, and purchasing supplies can be a little overwhelming.

This was the case recently with a friend who expressed interest in making a couple little candles to give us gifts, but didn’t have any supplies. I had more than enough, so I knew I wanted to put together a little kit for her. I wanted to give her the basics of what she would need to make some small tea-light candles. And of course, I couldn’t just put the ingredients into bags and be done with it; I had to put a special twist on it.

How to Assemble Your Own Candle-Making Kit

I packaged the various ingredients — lavender, orange peel, beeswax pellets, and wicks —inside glass tubes. I computer-generated labels for them and glued them to the outside ofeach tube. I also computer-generated a little note, which I affixed to a vellum bag with staples. You could certainly substitute other fragrant herbs, if you already have something on hand or want to mix it up. Dried lemon peels, Jasmine flowers, or Calendula petals would also be lovely for this purpose.

All my friend needs to do is melt those wax pellets, place a wick into her container of choice, and pour the melted wax in place. She had a few essential oils on hand, so I advised her to add a few drops of whatever she desired. I like adding a little texture to my candles and soap, so I suggested using either the orange peel or lavender in her candles.

With the holidays coming up, this little kit would be a great gift to give to friends or your children’s teachers!

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