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A Modern Cornucopia Project

As we prepare for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I am reminded of traditional items of décor that instantly take me back to my childhood. My mother had a burlap table runner with felt pilgrims on it, and a turkey candle that, when blowing it out, would have the wax ricochet off the tail feathers and go everywhere (including your face if you blew too hard). These items would transform the entire mood of the room, as if announcing that Thanksgiving were officially here.

As I look forward to Thanksgivings of my very own, I am looking for my own treasures that have that same effect. This wooden ledge can be customized with floral arrangements for the different season and will instantly transform my holiday table and make it feel cozy, rustic, and like a modern cornucopia that would make anyone feel truly “blessed.”

A Modern Cornucopia Project Directions:

Water down Umber paint and brush onto the wooden ledge. If any of the paint is too dark, dip brush in water and spread over the wet paint to help the wood grain show through.

Using a piece of clipart or free-handing some lettering, draw your word or sentiment onto the box with a pencil.

Go over the lettering with the White Sanford Uniball Signo Pen. You can also use paint if you’d like, but the gel pen absorbs better into the wood, making the lettering not as bright white. Note: The wood gums up the pen a little bit so you will need to clean the tip off as you go.

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