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Bezels for Beginners: Bookmark and Bracelet Projects by Christen Olivarez

I’ve always had a fascination with the Hobnail bezels by ICE Resin. There’s just something about the chunky nature that I’m drawn to. During art selections I’ve seen countless artists submit projects that I found to be inspiring, so I thought it was time for me to hop on board the bezel trend. I wasn’t sure what to do since I have no jewelry training at all, but am pleased with the two projects I came up with, neither of which require any sort of jewelry skills at all.

A Bezel Bookmark
I’m an avid book reader who checks most of her books out of the library. Because I don’t want to dog-ear books that don’t belong to me, I’ve been looking for a clever idea for a bookmark. I filled the medium-sized square bezel with Diamond Glaze and then sprinkled silver glitter into it, shaking off any excess. I then cut out a word from vintage text and adhered it to the bezel, and then sealed it with another coat of Diamond Glaze. Then I threaded Sunset Orange Hand-Dyed Ribbon through the holes in the bezels. To mark my place, I just tie the bookmark around the page I’m on.

A Bezel Bracelet
I also wanted to try my hand at a piece of jewelry, but a piece I felt comfortable making. To create a super simple bracelet, I painted the inside of the small rectangle bezel with Quartz Vintaj Patina and let it dry. I then cut a small piece of vintage text so it fit inside the bezel and adhered it with Diamond Glaze. I drew a small black heart on the text, added white polka dots and sealed it with Diamond Glaze. To finish I threaded light blue ribbon through the bezel. To wear, simply tie the bracelet around your wrist.

Both projects were really fun to create, and didn’t take a lot of time. Even better, they’ve given me even more ideas for future bezel projects

About the Artist:
Christen Olivarez is the Director of Publishing for Stampington & Company and editor-in-chief
of Somerset Studio, Somerset Life, Mingle, HandCrafted, and Artists’ Café.

Interests: art, slow food, writing, books, yarn, authentic living

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