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Wire Forms

Wire Forms

Unleash a new artistic you with wire forms. They're great for decoupage, 3-dimensional assemblage, incorporating into larger works of art, and dangling decorative tags and charms.

If you are interested in purchasing wire forms in large quantities then please contact our Customer Service department (1-877-782-6737 or retail@stampington.com) for more information. We will do our best to accommodate your requests with the amount of product we have on hand, but depending on the size of the order we may need to special order the wire forms which can take up to a few weeks. Please contact us as early as possible for your bulk orders to avoid shipping delays.


Wire Form Dress 12 Inch
Wire Dress Forms — Set of 3
MD Metal Sheets 1 x 2' Galvanized Steel
MD Metal Sheets 1 x 2' Chalkboard Magnetic
MD Metal Sheets 1 x 2' Aluminum Union Jack
MD Metal Sheets 1 x 2' Aluminum Elliptical
Wire Form Pregnant Dress 12 Inch
Wire Form Eiffel Tower 11 Inch
Wire Form Dress 6 Inch
Wire Form Dress 16 Inch
Wire Dress Rack 14"

Wire Dress Rack 14"

$8.09 $8.99

Wire Dress Form 13"
Small Mannequin With Hoop 7"
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