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Homemade Bath and Body

Homemade Bath and Body

We've assembled a new collection, filled with bath and body products, to inspire you to create even more homemade projects. From natural beeswax and unique apothecary bottles to beautiful soap box packaging and a lavender-filled vintage caddy project for guests, you're sure to find something that will replenish both body and soul.

Noteworthy Additions:
• 20+ flavors of pure essential oils that you can use in lotions, soaps and more • exclusive DIY kits, so you have everything you need to make fabulous scrubs, grounding scents, luscious lip balms, and chemical-free soaps, all in one place • amber bottles with pumps and atomizer sprays for homemade lotions and spray mists • new wood scoops — the perfect companion for scrubs


Willow and Sage Refreshing Lemon Deluxe Starter Kit
Willow and Sage Vibrant Orange Starter Set
Black Lava Salt Jar

Black Lava Salt Jar

$8.09 $8.99

Whole Jasmine Flowers - 1 oz
Dried Lemon Peel - 3 oz
Calendula Petals - 0.5 oz
Hibiscus Bath Salts Vials DIY Kit
Peppermint Bath Salts Vials DIY Kit
Orange Peel Bath Salts Vials DIY Kit
Citrus Scents for Detoxifying and Energizing – Essential Oil Gift Set
Calming Scents - Essential Oil Gift Set
Energizing Minty Scents – Essential Oil Gift Set
Pumpkin Soufflé Candle Kit
DIY Peppermint Soap-Making Kit
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