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Revisit your much-loved titles of Stampington past with our compilation of back issues, starting as low as $4.99! The publications you know and love are stacked and packed, ready to be delivered into the hands of their most creative fans. Are you new to the world of journaling, paper crafting, sewing, or jewelry making? We encourage you to check out previous issues that can be snatched up for a price that will create some wiggle room in your crafting budget.

These past issues may be out of print, but they're still chock full of creative inspiration so if you're looking for new project ideas for wearables, mixed-media, or cards and scrapbooks, be sure to reserve your copies before they're gone for good. These previous editions are no longer available on newsstands.

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Sew Somerset Winter 2013
The Winter 2013 issue of Sew Somerset features cutting-edge paper, fabric, and mixed-media projects transformed by stitches of all shapes and sizes. Be on the lookout for, colorful mixed-media tags by Dina Wakley, a collection of freehand embroidered placemats by Lindsay Ostrom, lavender sachet bags by Glenda Bailey, along with much more. Sewers, paper crafters, and collage artists alike will b..
$14.99 $9.99
Sew Somerset Summer 2013
Don’t miss out on the Summer 2013 issue of Sew Somerset to learn how your favorite mixed-media artists like Linda Trenholm, Kristen Robinson, Ruth Rae, Olivia Thomas, and Colette Copeland incorporate stitches onto fabric, paper, journal projects. Keep on the lookout for French paper abstracts by Caterina Giglio, fun and quirky flashcards by Andrea Ockey Parr, and innovative Instagram art by Ash..
$14.99 $9.99
Belle Armoire Jewelry Summer 2013
If the warm and carefree airs of summer are making you feel especially inspired, pick up the newest Belle Armoire Jewelry for artisan tips and ideas on how to craft sparkling accessories to accent your summer wardrobe.  Along with the beautiful and beaded designer collection of Sharona Nissan, we’ve got pages full of sweet and fresh summer styles featuring metal work, beading, knotting, an..
$14.99 $9.99
Prims Summer 2013
The nostalgic, folkloric dolls inside our summer issue are not just “prim and proper,” but deliciously ragged, tattered, and lovable. Along with Karen Brady Hammontree’s French Fashion Bears, you will also find beautiful and traditional handcrafted pull toys by Lucille Rox and Kathie Ruffner, along with artwork by Paula Walton, Barb Moore, Letty Worley, and Carol Roll that seasoned doll makers ..
$14.99 $12.99
Mingle Spring 2013
Step into spring with a fabulous wedding inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and a delightful crafternoon with Anna Corba. You’ll be tempted to plan an impromptu soiree with your closest gal pals upon reading about a lovely seaside getaway in London. Wanting to celebrate your bundle of joy with all the important people in your life, but have limited time? Learn how to combine a work and home baby ..
$14.99 $12.99
Jewelry Affaire Spring 2013
From royal pieces and antique heirlooms, to leather bits and shotgun shells, this enticing spring issue is packed with this season’s latest trends and happenings. ‘Tis the season to add some flowers, denim, and even some fringe to your wardrobes! Learn exciting new techniques from extraordinary artists like Holly Westler, Brooke Bock, and Michelle Hurtt, and see how they take ordinary everyday ..
$14.99 $12.99
Apronology 2013 Volume 5
The 5th annual issue of Apronology is packed with some of our best aprons yet! Everyone is sure to find a design that inspires them in the pages of this latest issue, whether it's Alice and Wonderland-themed aprons or fabric patterns that are a throwback to the Wild, Wild, West. There will also be two gorgeous examples of reversible aprons, the perfect dress-up apron for anyone who fancies hers..
$14.99 $12.99
Prims Winter 2013
Filled with beautiful and traditional handcrafted art, the Winter 2013 issue of Prims features a set of vintage-style dogs by Wendy Meagher, Queen Anne-inspired candy containers by Rachael Kinnison, Karen Brady Hammontree’s classic teddy bears with a French twist, and sweet paper clay dolls by Julie Haymaker Thompson. You will also find artwork by Paula Walton, Robin Seeber, Barb Moore, and Jen..
$14.99 $7.99
Jewelry Affaire Winter 2013
The first-ever winter issue of Jewelry Affaire is a wonderland of easy-to-make designs. Sometimes the best findings make the best jewelry. Library card catalogues, dice, and shotgun shells are just a few found objects that make the jewelry in this issue so unique – there's nothing else like it. For a winter that is opulent and productive, pick up this new issue and begin 2013 by creating jewelr..
$14.99 $12.99
Belle Armoire Winter 2013
Don't miss a winter wonderland of fashions inside the most chic issue of Belle Armoire to date! Inside this new edition, you will find the exquisite Designer Collection of Judy R. Clark and three of our most popular challenge results: eco-chic purses; wedding wear; and sentimental symbols.  Straight from New York Fashion Week, designer Katherine Soucie shows off her most recent collection,..
$14.99 $12.99
Art Journaling Winter 2013
The Winter '13 issue of Art Journaling has something for everyone! If you’re interested in creating pages that beg to be touched, Kelly-Ann Halbert’s use of three-dimensional elements will definitely inspire you. Roc Nicholas shares how to transform gorgeous spreads into a handmade journal that really pops. For artists who struggle with the blank white page, Mary Freeman shows how to create viv..
$14.99 $9.99
Sew Somerset Winter 2012
Don’t miss out on the Winter 2012 issue of Sew Somerset. This cutting–edge issue features paper, fabric and mixed–media projects transformed with stitches of all shapes and sizes. Look for mixed-media sewing cards by Taryn Reece, freehand machine embroidered wall art by Annabelle Ozanne, stitched and wired cards by Jen Swift, along with much more. Sewers, paper crafters, and collage artists ali..
$14.99 $12.99
Belle Armoire Jewelry Winter 2013
The winter issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry contains innovative ideas to keep you crafting all season long! In “The Art of Presentation,” Ruth Rae shares her method for delicately encasing her pieces — on top of tiny sewn pillows. We are happy to have Kristen Robinson display her elegant designer collection, and many other talented jewelry artists demonstrate fascinating techniques with fibers, r..
$14.99 $9.99
Art Quilting Studio Winter 2013
Turn chilly winter nights into cozy warm evenings with this upcoming issue of Art Quilting Studio. Celebrate the joy of quilting with Sally Manke's Confetti Quilts, and learn about the art of Jenny Hearn, our Artist Showcase. This issue features Sandra Meech's fascinating ice series, as well as art from Ellen Linder, Connie Rose, Katherine Sands, and Mary Hettmansperger. You'll also find Colett..
$14.99 $10.99
Artful Blogging Winter 2013
The winter issue of Artful Blogging brings a whole new artistic feast for your eyes. Enjoy online journals and virtual galleries of artists from around the world. This enticing issue is a must-have for new and experienced bloggers alike. Immerse yourself in a journey of self–discovery, creative expression, and the growing community of artful bloggers everywhere. These inspiring pages feature wh..
$14.99 $12.99
Altered Couture Winter 2013
It may be winter, but the results from our ruffles and rosettes challenge will make you feel like you’re in the heart of spring! Read along as new techniques and tools are taken to children’s clothes. “Mommy and me” projects like embellishing tights in playful hues to beat the winter blues are also featured. To warm up, learn how to alter coats and jackets in a variety of ways, including: stenc..
$14.99 $9.99
Mingle Autumn 2012
Excited for even more unique and creative ways to celebrate?  The newest issue of Mingle is filled to the brim with clever project ideas and glimpses into exclusive creative events. The pros will walk you through their processes of creating a vintage cowgirl pinup wedding shower and making budget-friendly party décor. Learn how to throw your own beer tasting party and transform office meet..
$14.99 $12.99
Jewelry Affaire Autumn 2012
Celebrate Jewelry Affaire’s first quarterly release with jewelry pieces that have an industrial edge. Join us for a brand-new section, learn about the products and books our editor loves, as well as how to make easy and admirable jewelry. Crochet away, as this issue features a heavy fabric influence, as well as jewelry repurposed from shoes and zippers. We will also be highlighting the elegant ..
$14.99 $9.99
Haute Handbags Autumn 2012
Handbags have never been hotter! Our fall issue features upcycled creations from warm fabrics, recycled packaging you'll have to see to believe, and Amy Hall’s colorful clutches that benefit the greater good. This fall marks the return of needlepoint, as artists make needle-pointed creations that you can learn to make as well. The newest issue of Haute Handbags will keep you in the know about t..
$14.99 $9.99
Art Journaling Autumn 2012
A beautiful variety of artwork awaits you in the Autumn 2012 Issue of Art Journaling! The wonderful Lynne Perrella shares her journals and her journey with us in this issue’s Artist Portfolio; in Bound for Art, Roc Nicholas shows us how to create a handmade journal from a coffee cup; and for a technique with a ton of attitude and style, check out the stenciled artwork by Mary Freeman in Techniq..
$14.99 $8.99

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