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The Coloring Studio — Available December 1st
The Coloring Studio is not your kid’s coloring book. With an imaginative collection of sophisticated, edgy illustrations in the Somerset-esque style you've come to love, this special book puts an artistic spin on today’s hottest trend. Featuring 60 unmatched illustrations from the industry’s top artists, including Christine Mason Miller, Suzi Blu, Lindsay Ostrom, Linda Trenholm, Deb Dunn, and m..
True Colors
The art journaling book that started it all! Reflective. Explosive. Playful. Heart felt. Monochromatic. Riotous. No rules. No boundaries. No wonder the 16 extraordinary color journals – black, white and all the colors in between–burst out of their covers and into our imaginations. Fifteen amazing artists wanted to see what they could do with a single color scheme. Each artist contribut..
Transparent Art
The hottest trend in paper crafts and mixed-media, "Transparent Art™" showcases the exciting versatility of transparencies, also known as acetate, in artwork. Discover a vast array of innovative projects with instructions on how to incorporate stamped, painted, sewn, cut, and even burned transparencies to achieve incredible results. Learn from well known artists who show how these diversely tre..
$22.95 $17.99
The Stampers' Sampler 1999 Pins Issue
Our one-time special Pin Issue, featuring traded convention jewelry and collectible stamped pins is now available for $3.95. ..
$3.95 $1.99
The Art Doll Chronicles: A Collaborative Journey of Dis...
This special publication celebrates nine dolls and the artists who made them. Each doll is a one-of-a-kind work of art, made by women who participated in an unusual collaboration that spanned 19 months and took the dolls on a journey all over the United States. From Joe the wandering beatnik to a made-over Madeline sure to be kicked out of her French boarding school for her outrageous attire, e..
$18.95 $14.95
Somerset Wedding 2008 Volume 4
The fourth installment of Somerset Wedding is overflowing with sparkling and sweet ideas. Make crowns to be a princess for a day, or alter some white clothing for wedding wear to don while running around and planning. Clay bouquets will remain forever fresh in the memories of guests. Lilla Le Vine’ s bridal box demonstrates how to store all those treasured, tangible memories from the process. L..
$14.99 $10.99
Somerset Wedding 2007 Volume 3
Somerset Wedding Volume 3 is filled with simple and elegant crafting ideas to help you create the perfect day for yourself or for a close friend. From a simple bridal shower invitation to a fancy bridal veil, to romantic scrapbook layouts and more, Somerset Wedding 3 provides photographs drenched with color, alongside instructions that are easy to understand. It features more than 150 project i..
$14.95 $8.99
Somerset Wedding 2006 Volume 2
There is no other day universally as celebrated as the wedding day. The desire to create a truly unique event begins often before the engagement. Whether through large overall concepts or the small details, it has become essential to leave a long-lasting impression with loved ones present, the joyous union of bride and groom. This second volume of Somerset Wedding features breathtaking photogra..
$14.95 $6.99
Somerset Wedding 2005 Volume 1
Beautiful close-up photographs of extraordinary ideas will overflow in a Somerset Wedding. The bride and groom become inspired with numerous projects that can infuse elegance, simplicity, and individual style into their perfect day. Preparing, uniting, celebrating, and remembering are the categories into which the projects will be presented. Hand-lettered invitations, unique bridal shower gifts..
Somerset In Love
Inspired by Valentine's Day, Marilyn Healey and her artist friends embarked on an altered book collaboration that celebrates the spirit of love. Out of this creative journey emerged 12 stunning books, each containing pages that have been painted, stitched, embellished, and collaged. While some are humorous, some passionate and others whimsical, page after page reflects the essence of beauty and..
Signatures 2004 Volume 1
A special publication featuring the personal journal entries by more than 25 visionary artists! Order "Signatures: The Art Journal Collection" today, and get ready to explore the phenomenon of thought in visual form, from raw and revealing to pretty and poetic. This book includes more than 150 pages of original artwork! Artists share journaling prompts, how-to tips on everything from covers to ..
Return to Asia
We're pleased to announce the publication of Return to Asia, a special edition of Somerset Studio featuring more than 1,000 samples of beautiful Asian-inspired artwork. Return to Asia includes nearly 200 pages of exotic artwork in the Somerset Studio tradition, and no advertising! Like our Gallery publication, Return to Asia is not included in our readers' regular subscriptions. Be sure to orde..
Memorable Impressions 1997 Volume 1
Come explore The Stampers' Sampler, filled with 100 pages of cards and projects for you to make with rubber stamps. Enhanced design includes new articles, features, departments, a resource guide, and more than 250 inspiring and creative samples. ..
Material Visions
Material Visions showcases stunning examples of one of the most exciting mediums for creative expression that has emerged for multi-media artists: the miniature art quilt. Gone are the days of assembling quilts for the sole utilitarian purpose of covering a bed. This book documents the fascinating evolution of quilts from bed cover to multi-media art pieces. CELEBRATION A gallery of exquisite, ..
$19.95 $9.99
Holiday Extra 2002
This special issue is filled with nearly 100 full-color holiday samples that we couldn't squeeze into our October/November issue. This issue is not part of the regular subscription package, but can be purchased from your local store or directly from our offices for $4.50. ..
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