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Explore the bustling and artful world within the pages of our newest publication, and find even more reasons and ways to celebrate! Brighten your day with the visual feast of imaginative gatherings that unfold from the pages of Mingle, along with the uplifting stories behind uniquely creative get-togethers — from small and intimate “girls’ nights in” to larger scale art retreats. Discover creative ways for bringing friends and loved ones together — complete with entertaining tips, one-of-a-kind invitations and party favor ideas, recipes, artful décor, creative inspiration, and an all around good time! Make your next get-together “the talk of the town” with ideas from the pages of this photography-rich and engrossing magazine.

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Mingle Autumn 2016 — Pre-Order
Dive into this autumn issue of Mingle and discover an unlimited supply of holiday inspiration, highlighting special get-togethers such as a cookie swap, wine pairing party, outdoor Christmas tea, winter sleigh ride, and more. Tracy Carpenter gives a peek into her warm and cozy annual Christmas party, and Jenny Keller shares her fall ladies’ lunch. Maureen Walker throws a spectacular Holiday Pre..
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Mingle Summer 2016
The summer issue of Mingle is going to make a big splash! Celebrate Independence Day at the beach with Megan Clark, dance the night away at a backyard fiesta concert with Brittany Schwaigert, and step inside Maddie Flanigan’s Bra Making Workshop. Visit Italy with Laura McCollough’s Creative Italian Retreat and peek inside Gina Lee’s camp-themed weekend. Discover a vintage ice cream party by Sha..
Mingle Spring 2016
Get ready to dive into the newest issue of Mingle featuring a vast array of large gatherings and impromptu get-togethers. Peek inside Kamille Martin’s Mother’s Day Party and Michelle E. Black’s Father’s Day Party. Discover a whimsical Barn Prom with Mikaela Yates and a festive Outdoor Movie Night with Jenny Keller. You won’t want to miss A Dark Side Ballet by Nicole Gould, or Camp Clark by Elis..
Mingle Winter 2016
Brew a cup of tea, wrap up in a cozy blanket, and grab the newest issue of Mingle featuring all sorts of events. Jenny Keller hosts a Cookie Decorating Lunch, and you'll also discover Gizelle Perry’s Vintage Luau and Sara De St. Jean’s Tailgate Birthday Party. Flip through the pages to uncover Six Breaths Art Retreat and so much more. From birthday parties and tea parties, to baby showers and a..
Mingle Autumn 2015
Don’t miss out on our holiday entertaining issue, covering every occasion from Halloween to New Year’s! Grab a cup of cocoa, turn on some festive tunes, and get ready for the holiday issue of Mingle jam-packed with events from friendsgiving celebrations and a woodland picnic, to a holiday office party and gift wrapping workshop! Britt Fluth shares her Flannel, Figs, and Fur dinner party celebra..
Mingle Summer 2015
Get ready for a bunch of summertime gatherings in our new issue of Mingle! Abigail Barnes teaches us how to host a barbecue in style, while Alice Nielsen celebrates Independence Day like you’ve never seen it before. Mandy Forlenza Sticos throws a fabulous ’60s Mod Tea Party, and Laurie Furber’s Dinner Party is sure to impress. Don’t miss Sara de St. Jean’s PJ Breakfast Bash, Kathleen Overby’s H..
Mingle Spring 2015
Our spring issue is chock-full of all types of gatherings and celebrations. Amanda Rydell shows us the ins and outs of her Be Crafty Arizona workshop, inspired by pretty vintage papers and featuring homemade dream catchers. Michelle Neff takes us through her "Farm-to-Table Dinner," her rustic haven backyard, and good times with great friends. Hilary Freeman invites us to celebrate Chloe Rose’s ..
Mingle Winter 2015
Start your year with a gathering that celebrates life, from a vintage-inspired luncheon to a breathtaking farm-to-table dinner party that will have your guests asking for seconds. The winter issue of Mingle is full of creative ideas for getting together. Visit an airplane-themed boy’s birthday celebration that harkens back to the golden-age of air travel and a wonderful tea party, complete with..
Mingle Autumn 2014
Don’t miss out on our holiday entertaining issue, covering every occasion from Halloween to New Year’s! From a haunting, Tim Burton themed bash to Audrey Wagner King's twist on Thanksgiving dinner, Thanksgiving Oyster Roast, you don’t want to miss the creativity behind these unique events. Explore a whimsical white holiday gathering full of glitter and children's laughter, a Holiday Crafts &..
$14.99 $9.99
Mingle Summer 2014
Brighten your day with the visual feast of imaginative gatherings that unfold from the pages of Mingle, along with the uplifting stories behind uniquely creative get-togethers. This issue shares Gathering with Friends for a Cause: a party designed to celebrate and welcome the adoption of a baby boy from Uganda, and a Cherish the Classics event by Nicole Gould that celebrates friendship, classic..
$14.99 $8.99
Mingle Spring 2014
Find fresh ideas for celebrating spring inside the newest issue of Mingle. From a quirky summer save the date engagement party to a gentleman’s tea party for little boys, we’ve got a number of creative reasons to get together. Follow along with Tess Smith as she bids adieu to her “roaring 20s” with a Gatsby-themed party, take off into mid-air with an aerial baby shower complete with paper airpl..
Mingle Winter 2014
The winter release of Mingle is our best issue yet! Climb aboard for a breathtaking bohemian wedding and a tutu-themed tea party for little girls. In addition to breathtaking photography of the most unique and artistic events, this issue also reveals a sentimental celebration of adoption with a "Gotcha Day" party, and how to throw a heartwarming wedding on an $800 budget. We’re excited to set s..
$14.99 $12.99
Mingle Autumn 2013
There’s a little bit of everything to satisfy your festive appetite this autumn within the newest issue of Mingle. Flip through page after page of inspiration to find a vintage Disney party, a glamping celebration for a teen, and a rustic and cozy Friendsgiving. You’ll also get an inside look at Sugar & Spice, a fun art retreat with Juliette Crane, Danielle Daniel, and Mindy Lacefield. Poe ..
$14.99 $12.99
Mingle Summer 2013
What’s more romantic than the idea of campfires and champagne? The newest Mingle goes behind-the-tent for an exclusive look at a truly unique, bohemian event whose host, Madelyn Mulvaney, blogs about her hopes: “I want it to feel like something you stand on tiptoe to reach on the highest branch.” Trust us, her article does not disappoint!  You’ll also find thought-provoking reflections on ..
Mingle Spring 2013
Step into spring with a fabulous wedding inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and a delightful crafternoon with Anna Corba. You’ll be tempted to plan an impromptu soiree with your closest gal pals upon reading about a lovely seaside getaway in London. Wanting to celebrate your bundle of joy with all the important people in your life, but have limited time? Learn how to combine a work and home baby ..
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Mingle Autumn 2012
Excited for even more unique and creative ways to celebrate?  The newest issue of Mingle is filled to the brim with clever project ideas and glimpses into exclusive creative events. The pros will walk you through their processes of creating a vintage cowgirl pinup wedding shower and making budget-friendly party décor. Learn how to throw your own beer tasting party and transform office meet..
$14.99 $12.99
Mingle Spring 2012
The highly anticipated encore issue of Mingle is here, and it’s even better than the first! Find inspiration for your next gathering among these spectacularly inviting pages. You can look forward to these stunning features: Liz Lamoreux’s Your Story Retreat, a strawberry-themed party that will make you drool, a handmade wedding on the seaside, and so much more. Let the warm air of spring and th..
$14.99 $7.99
Mingle Autumn 2011 Volume 1
The much-anticipated premiere issue of Mingle is finally here! Readers will delight in all the fun and unique ideas for gathering and celebrating we’ve put together. From a Thankful for Friends party thrown in the woods to extraordinary hosting tips and ideas, we’re hoping to inspire you to find more reasons and ways to celebrate. This issue also explores two intimate artistic retreats – Pen &a..
$14.99 $9.99
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