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Gifts for Introverts

Gifts for Introverts

The days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can be such a magical time for many of us. The scent of delicious meals and desserts fill our homes. Candles and twinkle lights make the walls appear as though they’re dancing. Laughter and good cheer fills the air.

    It’s wonderful, but it can also be overwhelming to many of us. The need to be socially “on” for hours at a time, as well as all the noise and sometimes confusion can be draining for introverts. As much as we love being around the people we love, we also know it’s important to leave some time to recharge. This is why I like to make sure I give special gifts to the introverts in my life, gifts that will help provide them with a little time and space to themselves.

    Here are some of our favorite items to give to introverts.


The Cozy Issue Volume 2  — Pre-Order
Art Journaling Subscription
Bella Grace Issue 18
DIY Wellness Gift Bundle

DIY Wellness Gift Bundle

$27.99 $29.99

Transform 2019 Wall Calendar
Poetic Threads Gift Bundle
Love Poetic Threads Scarf
Cream Giving Shawl
Taupe Giving Shawl
 Sage Giving Shawl
Field Guide Lotus Garden Gift Bundle
Bella Grace Sunrise Petals Gift Bundle
Grow and Thrive Gift Bundle
Paisley Butterfly Journaling Gift Bundle
Dragonfly Gift Bundle

Dragonfly Gift Bundle

$43.99 $48.98

Art Journaling Autumn 2018
Think In Magic Spiral Notebook
Mingle Autumn 2018
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