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Vintage Spool Towel Holder

This creative living idea was inspired by a suggestion from our Marketing Manager Jordan Burnier. I love vintage spools and was trying to come up with some creative ways to use these old spools and Jordan suggested using it as a hand towel holder.

You can easily display this just about anywhere and the nice part is that it is mobile so you can hang it on a hook in the bathroom temporarily and then move it to the kitchen or another room when it's time to change it up!

I used an older drycleaners hanger and took of the white bar that is typically on the hanger, and then just inserted the ends into each end of the spool. Most spools will have holes at each end large enough to do this.

Tie a piece of decorative ribbon to the top of the hanger to add a feminine touch. These spools are the perfect size to hang a hand towel along with a washcloth.

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