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School House Book Project

You can use this creative idea for packaging a teacher’s gift, graduation gift or even a housewarming gift. The box makes an artistic packaging project and can also be reused for creative home décor.

Start by painting the larger blank house and smaller house with windows from the Tryptich House Board kit using blue on the large house and white on the smaller house. Set aside to dry. Paint a medium book box with the same blue and white acrylic paint, using a dry brushing technique. I personally use paper towels to brush (wipe) the paint in order to create a dry brush effect.

Stamp the typed word design from the School Desk stamp set onto kraft tissue paper with brown ink. Tear random pieces of it, glue a larger piece and sandwich in between the two houses (use a little extra glue to the glue the houses together also). Then tear some smaller pieces of the tissue and glue randomly around the house. On the white areas of the smaller house that are not covered with tissue, paint a layer of white crackle paint over the white acrylic paint and allow to dry.

Glue the actual chipboard house piece onto the cover of the book box. Scrunch up a small piece of kraft paper (unstamped) and glue onto the top right corner of the book box. Fill the box with an assortment of gifts and odds and ends to complete your artistic gift.


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