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Graffiti Succulent Pots Project

These fun pots are perfect for holding all sorts of odds and ends and can even be used to prettily display plants! Paper mache products are fun and easy to alter, and these pots provide a temporary place to hold your plants – with an artistic edge – while they bloom and grow. Once they outgrow their home, you can easily reuse the pots to hold anything around the house, and they’re also petite enough to display on a windowsill to freshen up your décor.

To embellish the pots I simply tore and taped on strips of the Graffiti Washi Tape - it's as simple as that! If you want the pots to be a little more durable, give the inside and outside a coat of Collage Pauge to seal the surface and make it stronger. Fill your pots with succulents, art supplies or mini gifts and they are ready to go! Just be sure to keep your starter plants or herbs in their original potting containers, and remove them from the paper mache pots for watering.

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