Win the Premiere Issue of Where Women Create BUSINESS!

In less than 24 hours, we’ll not only be welcoming 2013, but also the official arrival of Where Women Create BUSINESS!  The highly anticipated premiere issue debuts on newsstands tomorrow and features advice columns and in-depth articles from numerous expert artisans and entrepreneurs, including Anna Griffin, Nancy Soriano, Kelly Rae Roberts, Vicki Brask, Holly Becker, and more.

Where Women Create BUSINESS Volume 1

“As a woman who was born an entrepreneur, what has always mattered most to me is the adventure of having, working for, and living a dream,” says Jo Packham, Editor-in-Chief.  “I love this magazine because I think that this publication can quite literally make a difference in women’s lives.  They need this information, they are hungry for it, and for a very long time there have been few resources to find it easily or guarantee that it is factual and useable.”

We hope you’ll join us at the newsstands tomorrow to pick up your very own copy.  You can also read more about what’s inside the first issue of our brand-new title here. Happy reading, we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Where Women Create BUSINESSShare Your Passion for Success:

Every day brings new challenges, and we’ve all experienced good days and bad.  In the spirit of giving, help inspire fellow creatives and business owners by sharing your experiences.  We want to know: when the going gets tough, what keeps you going?

Leave a comment telling us what your best coping method or business tip for overcoming obstacles is. We will randomly select four people to win a free issue of Where Women Create BUSINESS from those who share!

*Contest is open until 1/7/13 to residents of the U.S. only.

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193 Responses to “Win the Premiere Issue of Where Women Create BUSINESS!”

  1. Erica says:

    My method for overcoming obstacles is to take a step back. I can be such a details person that I lose track of the big picture and stepping back gives me a chance to get some much needed perspective on what I need to do to move forward. Cooler heads prevail.

  2. rita says:

    “Throw your Heart over the fence, and the rest will follow” (Norman Peale)
    Don’t be afraid to try. Rita

  3. Joy Leane says:

    When I get overwhelmed or just too backed up I take a step back and do something creative just for the heck of it. With out fail it kick starts be back into whatever project I am working on.

  4. Vicki J. Wade says:

    Rather than go it alone… I have a mentor who I turn to for advice and honest feedback. It so helps to have someone (an objective, honest someone) who is willing to advise on business decisions. Can’t wait to read the new magazine!

  5. Once begun is half done….it always gets me going and through a project!

  6. jan m says:

    When the going gets tough I turn my artistic mentors! This will be a great magazine to go to again and again!

  7. Susan Ernst says:

    New to self-employment as an artist, I follow artist blogs and pages on Facebook. I receive encouragement and motivation by observing how these artists put themselves out there and get positive feedback. I am looking forward to what I can learn from your new magazine. Thanks for publishing it!

  8. cindy c says:

    When the going gets tough I think of the reason I started my business. Concentrating on my passion for the work I do refocuses my thoughts from being buried in worries to bringing all my resources to bear to find the appropriate solution.

  9. Get organized. Clean the table, make your list and stick to it! It always helps me get focused. :-) Can’t wait for the new magazine!

  10. 2amscrapper says:

    M: Mind over Matter; Muses for inspiration, Mentors for advice

  11. Marcy says:

    Take a variety of courses – both for the art projects as well as the business portion – to keep skills fresh and keep up with industry. Looking forward to this publucation!

  12. Sandra C says:

    This is a magazine for me! When “the going gets tough,” I reach for articles of inspiration by other successful artists.

  13. Sandie Luck says:

    Truly PRAYER is my mainstay when I face obstacles! From there I look for the answer to come through people I know, whisperings in my heart and from a gut reasoning as to why I am doing what I’m doing. At age 60 I still feel like I’m in my 30s and have continual growing to do!!
    So, I carry on and look forward to the journey that lies ahead! My life has had MANY exciting moments and events, so I speak from experience.
    Sweet NEW YEAR blessings on you and all your TEAM members!!

  14. go for a walk and clear your head – especially great on crisp winter days!

  15. HawaiianLibrarian says:

    I don’t question “Why?”, and always take it from Nike: Just Do It!

  16. Normajean Brevik says:

    Like so many other artists I create alone in my studio. For a “creative recharge” I turn to my Yahoo group for an instant pick me up. My group of mail art traders are always at the ready with quick wit and instant inspiration. The group is open to anyone who likes to trade mail art,

  17. Denise Renee says:

    Everyday I tell myself the following:
    Go ahead!
    Don’t doubt yourself
    Live your passion
    You deserve this!

  18. Linda K says:

    I am so excited about this new magazine!!! Just what I need for 2013. My usual coping method is to step back and meditate a bit. It’s also nice to have someone with a great business sense to talk with.

  19. Peg says:

    Establish fron the onset that you will routinely audit any bookeeper you may retain to avoid hard feelings later and fraud.

  20. Kat says:

    I take a ten minute nap. Clears my head. Helps me shake it off and begin fresh.

  21. Sue Morris says:

    My philosophy is it never hurts to try. What I can lose by taking a stab at a new idea? something more creative? In addition, I also throw ideas out there for people to provide input back. That helps a LOT. Especially when I’m unable to think of a solution or some other avenue to explore.

  22. Terry says:

    My best coping tip is to be aware of your thinking. If I catch myself thinking negatively I immediately look for something I like. Then I get my mind back to thinking positive thoughts.

  23. Karen W says:

    I long ago wrote out my business practices, so that when in doubt I can go back to that list and proceed as I had originally intended. I once has someone, who I thought of as a friend, want me to lower a price, and I said the rules dictate that. She tried to remind me that I’m the one that made the rules in the first place, and didn’t seem to understand that if I changed them for her, I’d have to change them for everyone. I stuck with the rules I set up and didn’t let her take advantage of me.

  24. Patricia says:

    When the going gets tough I really try to put things in perspective quickly. I analyze situations and decide what I cannot control and promptly quit wasting time worrying about them. What I can control I list, including different options and most of the time, just seeing that list presents a solution or three. If not a solution, then the list usually creates a direction and a plan.

  25. Jackie says:

    Don’t react then there is no obstacle. You create the problem by reacting…

  26. Jayne says:

    I ask myself “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?”. It works every time!

  27. Lisa says:

    Walk away from your work and studio and do something different. Then I return with a whole new outlook and energy.
    This Magazine will a great resource for all.

  28. Denise says:

    Simple,always have fun !

  29. Lynda says:

    My goal is to grow my business this year. I still have two little ones who are not in school full time yet. I hope to complete small goals and slowly build over time. I’ve embraced the weekly planner so I can squeeze in creative time and business time. I’m not going to beat myself up if things aren’t moving fast enough. I’m a mom first. I want to enjoy my time with my kids while they still think I’m cool!

  30. Lori D. says:

    When something goes hard for me, in a project, I take a break and just breathe. Then, when I go back to it, it’s almost as if I’m looking at it with a fresh set of eyes. Works for me!
    Looking forward to reading your new magazine!

  31. Linda says:

    realizing that things really aren’t that bad and there are a lot of people with a lot worse things to deal with than I have even begun to think of, so just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will be fine! hurdles are made to climb so that’s what you do!!

  32. Cindi says:

    I keep on going in my business by not every
    giving up! If an idea doesn’t work the way
    I planned, I re-create it and go from there…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  33. Rani says:

    Jump right in and go for it!!! Just starting always seems to be the hardest part, but instead of thinking touch, just dive in and learn as you go, his way you have started…. And starting is the first baby step!!!!

  34. Madeline Rains says:

    Walking away from the studio for even just ten minutes, having a cup of tea or taking a walk, can give me a chance to see the big picture again of why I am in this deadline and what I am trying to communicate.

  35. I go online and google ideas, print them out, read them over,and come to the best conclusion that fits into what I need!

  36. CindyK says:

    When things get rough and tough I take a step back, a deep breath, and take one thing at a time. That always helps… with one thing at a time.
    This looks like a great magazine!

  37. So excited to purchase this magazine!! When I’m burned out or need moral support I turn to fellow artists on-line, facebook, twitter etc.. Reading blogs helps me re-focus. Usually someone is dealing with similar issues. I also enjoy your magazines, they help boost my resolve to continue. Reading stories of others really calms me down.

  38. Tara Medrano says:

    I just keep forging ahead…even through setbacks…and think that my day will come! Just keep on truckin” !!! Hopefully that will get me to the place i want to be! I am SO EXCITED about your new magazine and cannot wait to pick it up today!! Thank you for such a WONDERFUL RESOURCE, and thanks to all your inspiring artists, as well! Happy, CREATIVE 2013!!!

  39. Don’t be discouraged when you see all the beautiful things others are doing and creating…just do your own thing and you will also shine.

  40. Eva says:

    Rather than allowing it to become a negative – treat it as though ‘solving a puzzle’ – ie: turn it into winning learning experience.

  41. Stella D says:

    When the going gets tough, I remind myself why I’m doing what I do, I take a deep breath and go forth or I turn to my strongest supporters (my husband and family) for the strength and inspiration to contimue.

  42. Sharon says:

    I try to apply to myself what I teach to others — it’s not a mistake, it’s a creative opportunity. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always chocolate.

  43. rush says:

    i take a big deep breath, drop my shoulders and go on.

  44. Llynn says:

    When I hit a problem, I do two things:
    I remember that this will pass and then I sleep on the it.

  45. Carolyn Williams says:

    Make a list of all the facts. Gather all your resources. Call all your associates together. Brainstorm ideas. Strategize a plan. Implement the plan. Follow up and debrief as needed.

  46. Julie says:

    Usually the tough times come from a problem with a person. When something comes up I take a long walk with my dog and think about where I’m responsible in the issue. Then take action.
    Can’t wait to see the new publication!

  47. Lynn Radford says:

    Time management is not something I do well. So I tend to do one thing I would put off and reward myself by doing something fun. One boring business chore done = get out the paints and play!

  48. I keep lists. I feel better if it is on paper and I can refer to it when I lose my focus. It helps to see it written so I can truly prioritize what is most important at any given time.

  49. Renee Zarate says:

    I’m a list maker. If I feel overwhelmed I make a list and check things off as they are completed. Always remember to BREATHE.

  50. Lisa M says:

    I’ve been fortunate to have only a couple of setbacks so far (fingers crossed), but when I’m feeling discouraged, I read feedback from happy customers and messages from people who admire my work. It really keeps me motivated!

  51. Cheryl says:

    When the going gets tough I clean and organize! After my ducks are in a row I am more creative.

  52. sindysue says:

    when i need a push i go to the memories of my creative mother she is always there

  53. As a little girl I was always told, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. I take a break, it may be for a sip of cola, or a venture outdoors. When I come back, I’m refreshed and a die hard. Things just fall into place being positive.

  54. When I feel as if I’m hitting a wall, or am stuck I usually clean or organize an area in my studio. The simple act of sweeping the porch with a broom, or doing dishes by hand relaxes me and brings me back to the present moment. Often solutions come while I am cleaning out a drawer, or free writing in my journal. Going to the page and writing out my frustrations is a great release. I end up doodling and making a list, then I feel like I have something concrete and effective to get back on track. If all that fails I call or visit nother artist friend, one I can easily lose myself in. We just chat, whine, and bellylaugh about things.

  55. Ronni jane says:

    I believe in prayer 100% but i also believe nothing happens by mistake, so i always learn from mistakes and use coping skills by first recognizing what i am powerless over, which is the best thing ive learned because i can then determine from there what i should let go of vs what im responsible for and whether to take action. Second, always keep my side of the road clean, and when i dont, to make amends as soon as possible. Third, i write a lot! They say journaling is the best counselor….plus its the cheapest, so thats a bonus lol. And to stay out of procrastination!!!!!! “Just do it” is one of the best sayings ever because it works and you’ll be surprised how much and how quick you get things done by “just doing it”!! Being giving (donating and volunteering) helps me get out of myself. It helps me not dwell on my problems, and actually, miraculously solves them sometimes! ;) It also keeps the self pity away and the ego in check! And most of all, having friends, family, and an amazing spiritual life ….for support, love and happiness to give and recieve. Now, to get to the specifics….im looking to start selling my jewelry and art, so im SO excited for this magazine to come out because when it comes to having my own business, i have a lot to learn and am looking forward to being a sponge and soaking up all the info i can, esp from a specific artist in the upcoming issue!!! Thank u for the opportunity to win the mag & happy holidays to all!!!

  56. Donna M says:

    My best coping method or business tip for overcoming obstacles can’t be put any better than the words above, “Share your passion for success!” Everyone would like to have a mentor in their corner who will share their knowledge and encouragement to help them with their fledgling business. In being a mentor, it builds up my confidence and renews my passion for what I love doing best. Sharing in the passion, exuberance and excitement of their steps to success ultimately serves a twofold purpose: it renews and refuels the creative soul within me and enables me to take a fresh approach or new perspective on the obstacle set before me.

  57. Linda Beckert says:

    I always have more than one project going, when I’m at a block on one project, I go to a different one. Sometimes the satisfaction of the other project inspires me anew for the first project.

  58. Irma Peredne says:

    I go for a run…it works wonders to clear my mind and release pent up stress. When you return to work, you’ll have a different perspective.

  59. Jan Johnson says:

    Keep trying and if you don’t get results, alter your plan a bit – think it through from another angle. Utilize social media – Facebook, Pinterest – post some of your goodies there! I just made a sale that way.

  60. Faith Gaspar says:

    Have a back-up/alternate plan in-case/for when creativity might wane. Be it a time you take to do your paperwork, clean up your space, take inventory, or all the little things that get push to the side in the heat of creativity…. that way the day stays productive, you relax, and creativity comes back…. Yay…

  61. When faced with obstacles, find a quite place, free from distractions, with pen and paper, jot down a previous obstacle that you had to overcome. Once you’ve got this, spend time writing down how you were able to overcome it, be sure to use words that describe tangible steps you took, emotions that you felt when you successfully overcame the obstacle. Since many of our obstacles are made larger by our own fears and doubts, this exercise help re-energize us and lessens our negative emotions, allowing us to face our obstacles head on and to identify creative way of moving beyond them!!

  62. Sue SG says:

    Never be afraid to admit something is NOT working, take some time to figure out why it is not, and brainstorm the next step.

    I cannot wait to read this magazine!! Can. Not. Wait.

  63. Darby says:

    I have all my goals written out and as I obtain/accomplish these goals I cross them off and write about how I obtained them, so when I am having a hard time I go back to my notebook. It reminds me how far I have come, which lifts my spirits.

  64. Kathleen says:

    There is always another way to go. Plan B will appear if you utilize your research side of your brain and think openly. The answer is always right in front of you.

    Keeping research material such as Where Women Create Business will be on my shelf!

  65. Carol b says:

    Great timing! My husband and I are remodeling an old building where I will open a store and have an area for teaching.
    Carol b

  66. Janet Comby says:

    Caffiene! Lots of caffiene!

  67. I’m still running a successful wholesale business from my home after almost 23 years! I began this in my home to enable me to stay home with our two young daughters (ages 3 and 8 at the time). I’ve also started up a few other side businesses, just for fun. The primary one that “stuck” because I love it so much is my hand-painted sign business (on Etsy). My number one tip for overcoming obstacles is to DO WHAT YOU CAN DO with what you have…. and just simple TAKE CARE of business! Keep a light attitude, nothing is so critical that you should loose sleep! Blessings! ~Heidi

  68. Sarah says:

    I keep motivated through continuously striving to grow and develop, while working towards leaving a legacy. This quote in particular guides me:

    “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

  69. tina k says:

    When I get frustrated because I perceive an obstacle, I think of all the things I’ve already survived. Then I tell myself it’s all going to be alright and proceed — sometimes not as gracefully as I would like, but I move through the obstacle.

  70. Melissa says:

    When things get tough in the creative department, I clean my studio. Touching fabrics and rediscovering materials always gets my creative juices flowing again. When things get tough on the business side, I just make more things for when business picks up or my next craft fair etc. Super psyched for the magazine, I just picked up Haute Handbags and saw the write up for Where Women Create business. I am officially intrigued.

  71. Tracy Donner says:

    This is why I am so excited to read in this magazine. I am currently running an extremely small Etsy business and want to learn how to take it to the next step. Sorry I can’t leave you with some encouraging words, that is what I want this magazine for, to be able to use what works for other artist entrepenuers and what strategies they have to offer. I do know one thing, do not let your accounting get behind. LOL

  72. Kim says:

    My creativity can be sporadic, but

  73. Kim says:

    it never leaves me. It’s a constant need that’s always looking, pondering, planning, considering, thinking…and eventually doing. It’s as necessary as breathing for me.

  74. Stephanie says:

    When the going gets tough for me (creative block), I refer to an old favorite design, motif, or style and set out to replicate it – just for myself – no pressure. Inadvertantly I tweak it a bit; I give it a new little twist that sparks creative inspiration.

  75. Susan Krempa says:

    When the going gets tough, I open my drawer and pull out my “atta boy” file. In this file are compliments and inspirational thoughts people have written in the past. This gives me the motivation to keep plugging away. I know tomorrow will be a better day.

  76. Brandy says:

    I keep thank you notes that I have received from people who I’ve given artwork to. Re-reading those thank you notes, and words of encouragement keep me inspired! Knowing my work has touched others gives me purpose.

  77. Victorianrose says:

    I’ve always wanted my own business. I hope that the magazine will inspire me to dream Big!

  78. Gosh when I feel overwhelmed I look at a sign I painted in my craft studio that says “if you can dream it you can do it” and remind myself not to be afraid or intimidated to try something new!! Create something each new day!
    This new magazine sounds awesome and something I will need to purchase!! TY!

  79. Becca says:

    Im in the baby phases of my business still but whenever I come upon and obstacle my motto remains to try again and seek guidance from my business mentor who has much more experience :)

  80. I’m not afraid to ask for help ~ I am willing to admit that I certainly don’t know everything, and in realizing that, I am much more willing to look at all the amazing resources around who do. They are much more willing to provide help & support than you think. Utilize them. Often!
    My Blog Lifestylefiles

  81. June says:

    I’ve been salivating waiting for this first issue! Yay! \o/

  82. Geralyn Gray says:

    Get out and be inspired. If time is your problem….set small goals. Listen to your customers. Most of all…..take the leap…….and just do it. Try something that is recycling to keep your cost down. Don’t be a hermit…..get on social networks! Most of all…..have fun….do what you love!!!!

  83. Linda says:

    great idea! I love Where Women Create! I recently opened an art studio and gallery – “Mr. Miller’s Art Emporium… and Other Useful Things” – in beautiful Saugatuck, Michigan and need all the encouragement I can get!

  84. Linda says:

    …and I obviously don’t read thoroughly as my above post isn’t on topic at all! :/

    my best coping technique is to remember not to get too far ahead of myself, so that I am able to enjoy every moment of my artistic journey… having a studio and gallery is a dream come true! if you find yourself in Saugatuck, MI, come see me @ “Mr. Miller’s Art Emporium… and Other Useful Things”! Mr. Wilfred G. Miller is my constant companion, and faithful feline friend…

  85. When the tough gets going, what keeps you going?

    1) breath into being uncomfortable. The biggest breakthrus usually come when you push through this stage.
    2) ask for help. It’s important to have mentors that support you. Someone to reach out to that believes in you, understands you, pushes you lovingly, and then teaches you how to achieve that next step.
    3) re-align with my Compass Words. I developed a discovery tool for myself, students, and others, that is free, called A.C.E. (Alignment Compass Exercise). Through a short process you discover the 4 words that become your compass words which guide you through every obstacle, journey or task…it keeps you aligned!

    Can’t wait for your magazine! I’ll be off to Barnes and Noble to pick one up today! Thanks for serving women at the very highest level!
    -Tonya Davidson – Artful Success

  86. Marianne Henze says:

    I get together with other creative people – my friends who also have their own small, stuggling businesses and we brain storm. I become so inspired that I am usually right back at it!

  87. Inspiration comes from working every day.

  88. Anna Hanley says:

    When the going gets tough, I believe God will point me in the right direction. In addition, the love and encouragement of my husband. I always keep a SMILE on my face. Blessing, Anna

  89. Jill says:

    My best way of coping with an obstacle is to sit for a minute, breathe and remind myself that “what is meant to be will happen” and I put my heart into it knowing that the “right” outcome will happen.

    Thanks for opportunity to win a copy!


  90. When the going gets tough, I remember why I started my business to begin with. I was literally exploding at the seams with ideas, inspiration and drive for my hat business. When I finally took the leap and left Corporate America, I never looked back. Even if I run into a road block, I bring out the natural born sales person in me and rework the issue. If I don’t I could end up back where I left and I have worked too hard and love what I do too much to give up my passion. I remind myself that every business has tough times and I have learned to charge at it with full speed! Never give up!

  91. Sari says:

    Friends who I have made while doing business always help keep me motivated! Sharing dreams, goals, ideas….keeping it FUN! I look at magazines, blogs, websites…..all of it plays a part. I think it’s my responibility to stay motivated and excited about what I do – otherwise, who would want to do business with me?? ;) There are always others who have been in business longer than I have, or who have fresh ideas, or see things differently that I can learn from. Growing is a necessary in business!

  92. When the going gets tough, I pray and then go get some chocolate!

  93. Kim B says:

    Always looking for the positive influence. Excited to see what your new mag holds!

  94. Valorie says:

    My customers keep me going! They are generous and sweet and always can be counted on to lift me up!! Business isn’t easy and not every client is a dream, but I am blessed to work with a lovely bunch of women daily!!

  95. Beverly says:

    Faith, Grace and Prayer!

  96. I do a few things…First I send out notes (with pictures!) to the stores that carry my product. I find a ‘nudge’ can get them inspired to order.
    I also rework my display for my retail booth set up. Often times, this is when I get a great new idea!

  97. Elizabeth says:

    Oh I love these magazines, cannot wait to see the Where women do business!!!!

  98. pat martin says:

    We are starting a new publication business, communicating and writing the vision and writing a plan that includes back-up planning & people that can be used to meet unexpected challenges.

  99. Denise says:

    During crunch times I put out the “calling all friends” wanted!!! I have friends sign up for 2 hour slots in my Studio and they can pick a “job”…they LOVE it + so do I… they greatly help me in my Letterpress business, have fun, go home with a Letterpress goodie and a surprise Coffee gift card. Plus they tell their friends + spread some more Letterpress Love and Stationery goodness.

  100. Debb Lou says:

    I sew and sell handmade Infinity Scarves at local craft shows … my return customers inspire me and keep me creating new designs and the using new fabrics to keep them happy. I love when my customers follow me from show to show…

  101. Barbara Young says:

    Life is but a dream… dream it… live it and run towards your dream no matter what hills we need to climb.. share with each other and encourage one another to follow our dreams..

  102. Mendy says:

    Anything that gets me out of “the box” usually works for inspiration. Connecting back with others is the most useful, but a nice walk works too.

  103. Debbi says:

    I always try to work with people who compliment my strengths and weaknesses. That way I can turn to them for help and not be intimated or upset. Also, I don’t surround myself with “yes people”. I think we always need to challenge ourselves with new ideas and not be afraid to take chances.

  104. Dawn says:

    Just today I had to swallow my business pride & keep my priorities in-line with my faith & family. I passed on a new position that included so many matches with my business sense. I’d love to read the new magazine to see what advice I can find to stabilize my desire to grow vs. my home/life balance.

  105. Nancy D. says:

    Stop & take a breath…don’t be afraid to ask for help

  106. Sandra says:

    Breathe….Count to 10….Look at it again.
    If that fails…step away and do something else. Sometimes the answer comes when you’re focused on something entirely different.

  107. Several years ago I was lucky enough to work with an established artist, developing his first line of Christmas ornaments, using his art and stories with my unique designs. I was the first real outside artist vendor he had ever used. He was excited, and I was thrilled. However neither one of us realized that that first Christmas, with only a 6 week turn around, we would recieve over 1500 orders!
    What a wonderful problem to have….nonetheless, it was a problem, as it was a huge undertaking for just me and one part time elfin friend to meet all those orders with tight shipping deadlines. We worked around the clock, but what helped me through the panic, was the sense to take a step back and say “Okay, I can do this” and then actually reconfigured the studio into an assembly line arrangement. Since the designs were already done and standardized, I had to switch gears for streamline AUTOMATION, which kept me AND production going.

  108. My desire to succeed overrides any obstacles I face. When I feel down I try to nurture myself and come at it fresh the next day. I surround myself with fellow artists who inspire me and understand the challenges of having a creative business. I accept that there will be difficulties and that obstacles are a natural part of life. People who persist usually succeed.

  109. Melissa says:

    My best tactic for any challenge is to step away with a notepad, take a deep breath, and simply start brain storming or making an outline of ideas as they pop in my head. I’ll then format them in a document or note that makes sense and start prioritizing. I can do this in my personal life too and sometimes it really helps to just take a pen to paper and go at it!

  110. Debi Haverly says:

    When things get tough it is usually because I am overwhelmed by the demands of the different facets of life and all the things I “need” to do. When that happens I take the pressure off by “playing,” either in my art journal or by doing simple tactile things like sorting buttons or organizing fabric or photos…pretty soon I find myself refocused and inspired!

  111. Patti Sweede says:

    So happy to see this new publication. Thank you for your insight to the needs of women in this economic climate!

  112. Deborah Williams says:

    Just getting started in my own business; just about to venture out with blog, online shop, etc. Your magazines are the best!! I’m sure Where Women Create Business will be a new favorite. Thanks for all you do.

  113. I have to say — what kept me going last year was the support of other women business owners! I joined a unique women’s entrepreneur’s group called “The Magic Wand Collective” (twin cities, MN) and the friendships, business expertise and belief in abundance (there is enough leads, resources, etc. for all of us to be successful) kept me growing and nurturing my small business. There is something powerful about being inspired by — or leaning on — another woman as a friend, colleague and mentor. I will recommend your new publication to the group! (I’m a big fan of of your other pubs: especially Digital Studio, Art Journaling and Artful Blogging!)

  114. Heather says:

    Oh, I am so excited about this new magazine! Cant wait to see it!
    Sometimes I find myself getting overwhelmed by the amount of other work out there and start comparing myself to others and their success. My best way to combat that is to take a little time to concentrate on just what I like and the things I enjoy. Sometimes less is more. Once I start just doing things for my own sake, that’s when the magic starts to happen!

  115. Don’t give up…breathe…remember your dream….believe in it…and keep creating it…frustration is temporary, obstacles will always come and go…if you continue to have FAITH in your dreams…in YOURSELF… you will overcome anything!

  116. I use Small Sweet Steps to tackle the obstacles that lay out before me. I find that if I try to take on too much at once, I get overwhelmed and paralyzed. When I use Small Sweet Steps it feels easier and before I know it, I have made it over the mountain! Can’t wait to read Where Women Create Business!!!!

  117. Char Hosea says:

    When I get bogged down I go on a day trip or head out to a art friends home for lunch and then we work on a project. When I get out of my box its so inspiring and empowers me to get back at it when I return to my stuido as the creative juice have begun to flow.

  118. Always believe in yourself and like the little engine that could take the “I Think I Can” motto…but when the going gets tough customers/art friends are what keep me going.
    Tonight I received a sweet email from a new follower (Facebook & Pinterest) about my work and those words are what keeps me going. That moment someone overseas took to let me know something I was creating inspired them. We should outreach like that on a daily basis to every one we meet!

  119. Judy says:

    I sell collectibles online and organization is the key to my success. I tend to let clutter accumulate so I have started the year 2013 by choosing one big table for my work area. Small but efficient with organized areas for paper tablets, pencils and boxes of my postcards, scanner and netbook.

  120. Barbara says:

    Scream! Just kidding, I try to remember that Rome was not built in one day! Take short walk outside !

  121. Mary Beth Hunt says:

    I like to go for a drive……sounds corny, but it clears my head!

  122. Mary says:

    When I run into a roadblock, I usually take a step back and let my brain solve the problem while I do something mindless. it’s amazing how often an idea will pop into my head that’s an outside of the box solution to the problem I’ve been having.
    the hard part is being patient while the ideas percolate.

  123. I just take a step back and try something else for a while. Also, reorganizing helps.

  124. Kathy jo says:

    ROAD TRIP~ That’s right I run away !!!!
    When things just seem a bit to much I back up, I back up out of the drive way and just get away. Take a fellow artist friend and just go bond over
    lunch and maybe some thrift store therapy and let our hair down..Just the step back from whatever has
    over whelmed you and sharing with a friend seems
    to put into prospective..

  125. Martha says:

    When my inspiration flags, I turn to my special blogging friends, my facebook group from Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons, and of course, my latest issue of Artful Blogging!

  126. Valerie says:

    When I get to that point, I lay my project down and go out back with the dogs to take some deep breaths of the fresh air and toss the ball around for them. 10 to 15 minutes later I’m ready to tackle the project again with clear head and open heart.

  127. Alice says:

    Oh, that’s a tough question. I am one who worries and mulls things over, almost to death. But eventually I do some research on the subject, sleep on it, pray, and things always seem to work out.

    Thanks for the chance to win the first issue of the magazine!

  128. Leah says:

    I force myself to tackle a project that I have been avoiding. It gives me a sense of accomplishment that carries me through. I am so excited about this new magazine! I am SO looking forward to learning from women that are succeeding.

  129. I’ve done several things to keep me going. I’ve joined a networking group with a mastermind component that helps to keep me accountable as well as getting a business coach who has helped me filter all those things running around in my head into an actionable plan. When all else fails…just do one thing that gets you started in the right direction and you find you can’t stop there!

  130. kim says:

    I seem to dilly-dally until I clear off the workspace and get organized. Then I can dig in and get the job done!
    This is going to be a great magazine! Can’t wait for the first issue!

  131. kim says:

    I seem to dilly-dally until I clear off the workspace and get organized. Then I can dig in and get the job done!
    This is going to be a great magazine!

  132. Libby jones says:

    My method for coping is to put ‘ Feet of Flames’ or ‘ Pride and Prejudice on the DVD player. Both of them have such beautiful colors. Flames can bring me up if I feel down, and Pride makes me get involved in frustrated romance. Both things take me out of my head.

  133. To overcome blockage and get inspired, I clean and organize my studio. Sorting through my stash of fabric, found objects, embellishments, paints, and other items clears my head and my space and allows new ideas to come in. I inevitably find something interesting in my supplies that intrigues me enough to get started on a new project or to finish up an old one!

  134. deb says:

    When the going gets tough I step back and realize it is ALWAYS because I am too tough on myself. I set very aggressive goals which I revist every June and December, I track my sales and counts monthly and benchmark against like shops. I soak up as much information as I can on the web to make sure I am current with the latest trends. It is a very good day when I come home and find my husband has brought me the latest ‘Where Women Create’ because I reread the magazine multiple times to get insight into like minded ladies! So when the going gets tough I take stock of what I am doing right and tell myself to just stay on track and things will turn around.

  135. It may sound silly but my best coping method for everything, including life, is getting enough sleep and, when possible, dealing with problems in the morning. After a good night’s sleep and, sometimes, dreaming on the problem, things seem to work out better in the morning.

  136. My best coping method is to research whatever obstacle I may be experiencing, then seek outside help (even if it’s just an ear or shoulder to lean on), and, if necessary, take a few online tutorials (or buy a DVD), then press on. I’m one of those people that likes a good challenge, so long as it’s in the direction I want to go. WINK

  137. Autumn says:

    Remember to breathe!

    Sometimes, when things don’t seem to be working how I want, I need to step back from what I’m doing and look at what I actually have in front of me.

    Maybe what I thought I was creating is finding a different shape and needs to be allowed to be what it is, not what I set out to make. Too often I try to force things into a preconceived mould based on my first idea, when in fact it could evolve into something far more wonderful, if only I’d let it.

  138. Bikram hot yoga – Works every time.

  139. Joan Schafer says:

    When things become difficult I try to regain perspective by going to the natural world. No matter what happens the sun will still rise, the flowers will still bloom, and the birds will still sing. Realizing that everything works out one way or another calms me and lets me focus on the issue at hand.

  140. Mary Anne E says:

    Being able to talk things over with a mentor, good friend, confidante definitely help. Also, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly. I find when I am taking care of my body, that my mind functions better as well. Also, if I keep the problem/issue in the back of my mind, when I am drifting off to sleep, a solution or answer will come to me.

  141. Carol Page says:

    The Dali Lama says, “Be Optimistic. It feels better. Whenever, I am feeling overwhelmed, I take time out for a cup of Earl Grey tea, and meditate on these words. A terrific pick-up, everytime.

  142. Alejandra says:

    Praying is very powerful to me, also remembering that God gave me creativity. I also read new ideas, find more inspiration from other artists and just do what I love to do which is to make jewelry (and other crafts)!

  143. Darlene Berry Lauth says:

    When things get tough, there are several options I consider.
    (1) take out my art supplies and organize them.
    (it is especially refreshing to sharpen my colored pencils and organize them).
    (2) get out in the fresh air and look at others’ displays at retailers. this always gives me ideas.
    (3) take out the latest art supply I’ve purchased but haven’t used and just start playing for the sheer enjoyment of color.

  144. Roberta Helzer says:

    Stop. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Think.

    I just need to clear my head and when chaos surrounds me, closing my eyes allows me to refocus. Anxiety can reign, but just breathe. Deep breaths are cleansing. All of this calms me and then I can focus and meet the challenges before me.

  145. NM Creatrix says:

    Since it is only me, I just have to tough it out and persevere. Of course, if it is drastically bad, I can always call on my friends for temporary assistance. Have not had to do that yet, but it is in the back of my mind…

  146. Jessica says:

    I find that completely switching gears helps. Go do something completely unrelated to clear your head.

  147. tara says:

    When I start to get down and wonder why I keep doing what I am doing I hear my Mom and Dad say keep trying, keep moving and don’t give up.
    Thanks Mom and Dad.

  148. Madelyn says:

    Decide which problems can wait a day without a decision. Many times, the situation will resolve itself (or change so much that anything you did yesterday was wasted effort). Then make your best decision and don’t look back.

  149. susan salyer says:

    I am just beginning to see my art as a business.I welcome respected company like yours to guide me with suggestions and other success.positive motivation ,prayer and wisdom from people like you.
    susan salyer

  150. K Ward says:

    As far as business, I still have alot to learn. As for overcoming obstacles: pray, take a deep breath and take one small step.

  151. Laurie says:

    When you are a business owner with just one employee YOU – you have to be flexible, and be willing to try new things all the time to get your business name out there. Continue to think up events to get new customers into your store, and make sure that they have fun and get great customer service while they are there. Never be afraid to keep trying new things

  152. Heidi Fantz says:

    I get physical…such as cleaning my desk,digging in the garden or pounding a hammer. The physical activity usually clears my head and calms me enough to think things through.

  153. Well first I just step back & “breathe”, & then I pray. If I really listen, help with a solution comes. If it doesn’t come as quick as I would like, I resort to just step back, & again I just “breathe”.Thanks for your generous chance to win a copy of the premier issue.

  154. Lila Schmidt says:

    All I have to do is think about my grandchildren.

  155. Jan Johnson says:

    It’s so hard to establish oneself as a working artist these days – so much competition. So there are bad days where I want to give up. But I can only afford to do creative things if they can pay for themselves, so when I realize it is about choosing between giving up art or pushing on to find customers, I find the strength to keep going.

  156. I see everyone here has similar ways of coping and I appreciate it as well as feel it in my heart. We all certainly need good coping skills and good business acumen for creating cash flow for abundance and survival. As a professional artist of thirty seven years I can certainly admit I have my ups and downs. Interestingly the downs are more reflective of what is going on in our economy and I know to never take that personally. Thorough communication and in the right places… is manifestation.

  157. Jennifer H. says:

    I remember that many things only make sense in retrospect. Breathe, Pray, It will pass.

  158. sherry butcher says:

    I do yoga for the iner strength to get it done.

  159. Carole Isenhart says:

    Step back & review past successes helps one to persevere. Sleep, exercise & healthy diet go a long ways toward keeping stress in perspective. Looks like an awesome magazine, can’t wait to read it!

  160. Lauri Thomas says:

    I am in the process of developing a business plan as I prepare to retire from the “rat-race” and ready myself for what I was meant to do. Praying for creative guidance as I take the time to organize, research, and work to develop my creative niche. Winning a copy of the premier issue would indeed give me a jump on my efforts!

  161. MelodyJ says:

    Doing a workout or a hobby helps me relax. It also helps me get back on track.

  162. Lisa aman says:

    I do my computer /think work in am as I am a morning person.Then later in day I do the easier stuff (errands etc) Also eating healthy drinking enough water , not abusing body will make any job easier and more fun to do !

  163. I step back and pray. Then I can try to look at the problem with fresh eyes. Also, have a few friends that I call when I need something a little extra.

    Can’t wait for the magazine!

  164. Aghavni says:

    I keep my eye on the prize down the road. Early retirement from the cubicle so I can do my art full time. Can’t wait, but always need inspiration from others to keep going. Looking forward to this issue.

  165. Cathy M-G says:

    When an obstacle becomes overwhelming, I sit down, breathe, clear my mind, let go of any negativity, gain peace, gather inner strength then get back to it.

  166. linda casey - green butterfly says:

    Somerset challenges are a good place to get back in gear. I find that a good challenge is a great way to turn on the creative juices.

  167. Jill says:

    Good Music,

  168. Ruta Rauber says:

    I pick an unpleasant task like cleaning the bathroom or sorting through a stack of accumulated stuff to help me get over a frustration. Other times, I re-adjust my big girl panties and keep right on going!!

  169. When I get in to a spot where I have to many things going on at once and too many things to accomplish, with deadlines looming, I take a few moments to asses and make a list. I note which ones have the earliest deadline, and which can take a bit longer. It helps me to sort out my priorities and calms my busy brain down. I call it “putting out fires”.

  170. Angela G says:

    When overcoming obstacles, I try to keep the big picture in mind. For me, that means, not sweating the small stuff, realizing some things are out of my control, and trying not to let things bother me. I try to realize that I have control of my thoughts and actions, not someone or something else. If an obstacle arises, it’s all about how you react to the problem or obstacle at hand. If you simply find a solution or another option, then the obstacle itself, doesn’t seem so big any more.

  171. Renee Justus says:

    Wow, what a cool magazine! Can’t wait to read it.
    When the going gets tough I keep in mind that it’s only temporary, change is inevitable and things have to get messy before they get clean. Power through the dirty and before you know it, the change has come, and it’s usually for the better. Maintaining a positive outlook and an eye on the prize makes every situation easier to get through.

  172. Try,try over again.Don’t give up and you will succeed.Accept advice and keep an open mind.

  173. When I start to lose my passion, I go learn something new — how to sew or garden or bake. It doesn’t take long before the ideas for my main artform return. Pinterest is also great for inspiration.

  174. Aghavni J. says:

    When I’m not clear about an idea – I go for a walk to clear my head. Usually the fresh air and exercise helps me find the solution and I’m ready to tackle the project again. I also seem to dream about project solutions and always have a notebook on the bedside table to be sure I remember the dream. I usually keep a notebook with me where ever I go – ideas come in the strangest places. Looking forward to reading the magazine to see how others create.

  175. Lynn says:

    When I hit an obstacle, I usually step away, make some tea or coffee, take the dog for a walk and come back ready to try again. If it still does not feel right, sometimes working on a different project and then going back to the original task solves the problem.

    This sounds like it will be a great publication! I am looking forward to reading it.

  176. Donna Barnitz says:

    A quick brisk walk always clears my brain and ramps up my energy level. I also like looking through something like my collection of little books, or a stack of hand painted papers, or maybe some hand dyed fabric, or some of the eraser stamps that I’ve carved…that gets those crative juices flowing and I’m back in the game!

  177. sheila tatum says:

    I’ve learn to pause, breathe and re-evaluate…this always seems to help me. Thanks for a chance to win…I love your magazines.

  178. Erika Towle says:

    Taking a walk or visiting a art gallery, museum or any place that has handmade beautiful things, whether it be jewelry, knitting, photography or paintings. I can draw from any of these. And of course looking through my huge stash of Stampington magazines always helps :) I can’t wait to check out your new publication!

  179. Kim Barnett says:

    When I get to overwhelmed with art, business, life, etc…I usually stop right wherever I am in the process and go to the library and roam the aisles for anything that catches my eye. I’ll check out a ton of random art, color theory, art history or some book with an amazing cover, books and lug them home. If that doesn’t work, then I go roaming around antique shops just to see displays or how they group things. These usually work well, if I am still stuck though I will try a challenge from a blog or a magazine to get the juices flowing again.

  180. KareZS says:

    Pick one thing, and only one, that can be finished in 30 minutes. Clear an area. Focus on the task and finish it, even if it takes longer. Reward yourself with a ten-minute break in the fresh air.

  181. Robin says:

    One word – CHOCOLATE!

  182. Megan Landgraf says:

    When the going gets tough, I look to my mom for inspiration. She was diagnosed with stage 3B rectal cancer in 2010 and she turned to art to help heal her mind, body and spirit, and nearly 3 years later, she is cancer-free. I recently brought artwork back into my life and it’s brought me so much joy and passion for the world we live in! It brings me strength and is such a stress reliever.

  183. Terri says:

    I look to my Women’s Mastermind group for inspiration, support and sometimes a kick in the butt. They are four wonderful women that I consistently can count on for the support that I need.

  184. Debby Barney says:

    I am so excited to hear of this new publication! I collect some of your other magazines and find them all terrific. I have a small business that I started about 5 years ago, making higher-end customized cookbooks for individuals. It’s called Tales From the Kitchen. They’re really more of a ‘keepsake’, including terrific food pictures, scans of original handwritten recipes, and family photos. What a treat it would be to be mentioned in one of your editions. Again, I’m thrilled to learn of this new one.

    Thanks very much,
    Debby Barney
    Tales From the Kitchen

  185. Vicki Pearson says:

    If I encounter an obstacle that I just can’t get through, I map out my current strategy and try to come up with a few additional ways to get to the same result. Sometimes this really helps me see the flaw in my original plan.

  186. Lucy says:

    I plan my working week on Sunday afternoon via my diary/planner then stick to this method/map as best as I can :)

  187. samara navi says:

    Hi there!
    I love your magazine.
    Could you please distribute to Chapters/Indigo in Belleville, Ontario?
    I’d love to buy it where I live.
    Thank you.

    • Jordan says:

      Hi Samara,

      I just wanted to let you know that Chapters/Indigo in Belleville, Ontario does carry our publications, and we will continue to hound our distributors to try and get more stores to sell them in your area. You may just want to call ahead if you are looking for a particular title or to make sure they are not sold out before making a trip down there. It may also push them to carry more copies if they know more people are interested!


  188. heidi hughes says:

    Hooray! A magazine for women who are in business.
    I hope you will profile those of us in male-dominated industries and those careers which operate inside and outside of offices.

    My best advice is talking slowly and looking directly into the eyes of the person to whom you are speaking. I like to talk walks with the person I must speak with. Walking clears the head and we can both focus on what is being said. These tactics have worked for me in stressful and conflict-ridden situations.

  189. Faith says:

    I sit at my sewing machine and work on never ending quilt projects. Sewing together block after block, listening to the rythmic purr of the machine can be calming. Sewing the blocks together one after another is mindless enough to allow me time to think. I am blessed that the way I can rid myself of stress can be productive at the same time.

  190. I have been in some sort of a business since I was a kid. There are always obstacles to overcome. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to overcome is me and my fear of the unknown. It is paralyzing if you let it be. My solution has always been to just take some action and take it now. By creatively engaging in my business it gets my mind headed in the right direction. The creative process has a soothing and yet invigorating effect on me.

  191. Ronni Jane says:

    How do we find out who won? I want to know so I can go purchase the mag if I didnt win.

  192. get likes says:

    Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing for your feed and I am hoping you write again soon!

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