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Super Simple Soap Packaging by Christen Hammons

Homemade artisan soap is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the variety of scents they have to offer. With added herbs and ingredients, the end result is just wonderful, making the bars so pretty I could leave them as is.

However, as a crafter I can't leave anything as it is. Whether it means wrapping something in kraft paper, coffee filters, or unbleached waxed paper ... I have to do something extra.

As an alternative, you could also make your own handmade soap using either this basic recipe, or this one that is perfect for holiday gift giving.

Super Simple Soap Packaging Project Instructions:

Cut a strip of unbleached wax paper the length and width of the soap. 

Wrap the paper around the soap and secure it with a strip of washi tape.

It's that simple, but it looks great. I adore how raw handmade soaps look, so I think it's fitting to wrap a bar in something that is as raw as it is. Also, this is a great way to use up all that washi tape you've been stashing away.

This packaging idea originally appeared in the May issue of Willow and Sage. You can find the complete article inside this issue.

About the Artist:
Christen Hammons is the director of publishing for Stampington & Company and editor-in-chief
of Bella Grace, Somerset Life, and Somerset Studio.

Interests: art, slow food, writing, books, yarn, authentic living

Follow Christen on Twitter: @christeno | on Instagram: @christenhammons

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