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Sunflowers Art Journal Page

Field Guide to Everyday Magic, I wanted to show our artsy readers how to add an artistic touch to the Field Guide, or to their issue of Bella Grace. This techniques uses paint directly on top of the image to bring out certain themes or colors that you want to accentuate — imagine a no-pressure paint-by-numbers. All of the colors are already there, so you just get to relax and fill in the picture with creativity. This technique can be done directly in the Field Guide, or using cut-outs from the pages in an art journal.

Sunflowers Art Journal Page Directions:

Cut out page 115 from Bella Grace Issue 12.

Attach the page to an art journal with gel medium.

Brush over the entire page with clear gesso. This gives it a nice matte appearance and will add to the hand-painted look of the page if you leave the brush strokes visible in the gesso.

Paint over the sunflowers with yellow paint. To subdue the yellow paint, mix with brown and white, or taupe paint. Add more taupe and add some streaks going from the inside of each of the biggest sunflowers to make the flowers look even more hand-painted.

Apply Umber paint mixed with some yellow to the center of the sunflowers. Add undiluted umber to the centers to add shadows.

With extremely diluted white paint, whitewash the entire picture to mute the colors a bit.

With a blending tool and Pumice Stone Distress Ink, blend from the outside edges in to cover the rest of the white space on the page. Darken the corners of the painted picture slightly with ink to blend it with the rest of the page.

Ink edges of Small Talk Stickers by Tim Holtz, then attach to the top of the page. Outline with watercolor pencil.

With a pair of dull scissors, scrape the edges of the picture to distress it a little more.

Apply layers of ink with blending tool until desired effect is achieved.

Finish with pieces of ripped book text at the top and the bottom.

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