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Speedball No. 1 Lino Cutter Assorted

  • Speedball No. 1 Lino Cutter Assorted

Speedball No. 1 Lino Cutter Assortment, includes handle, V shaped cutters #1 & #2, U shaped gouges #3 & #5, Knife #6

Tracing Paper Transfer:
To transfer your image using tracing paper, trace the image onto a sheet or tracing paper then turn the tracing paper over and place onto the Speedy-Carve block. Burnish the image with your finger or a bone folder and this will transfer the image onto the block.

Acetone Transfer:
Another common technique involves using acetone to transfer your image. Using an image printed on a toner copier or printer, secure the image face down onto your carving medium, then with a cloth or paper towel dampened with acetone blot the back of the paper pressing hard to make a better impression. This will release toner onto the carving medium.

Speedy-Carve Blocks
Pink eraser-like material that makes carving a breeze! Flexible and durable, will not crack, crumble, or break. Latex-free.

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