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Rosette Medallion Plant Stakes

Much like a blank canvas, approaching PaperWhimsy’s Amazing Alterables can be intimidating at first sight, but they are unique, fun to work with, and more than worth the extra creative effort.  

Usually it only takes the first brush of gesso or paint, then the fear disappears, and the ease and confidence sets in. The best part is — you really can’t mess anything up. Acrylic paint is so forgiving, that you can continue to add layer after layers until you are satisfied or simply gesso over it for a fresh start.

These Rosette Medallions paired perfect with Dina Wakley’s line of metallic paints! Plus, adding a metal bottle cap completed the project with the exact rustic look I was after.

Rosette Medallion Plant Stakes Directions:

Coat the entire front surface of two small and one large PaperWhimsy Rosette Medallion with gesso. Let dry.

Add a layer of Dina Wakley metallic paints in Sterling and Gilt. Set aside to dry.

Next, use your fingers or brush Penny metallic paint over the background of the rosettes. Repeat, only this time with turquoise paint. Let dry.

Hammer out three metal bottle caps.

Distress each bottle cap by dry brushing with Gilt and Penny metallic paint. Let dry, then dry brush on a bit of Sterling metallic paint.

Cut or punch a piece of book text and glue to the center of the bottle cap with gel medium. Allow the bottle cap to completely dry.

Add word stickers to the center of the bottle cap.

Use a strong-hold glue to attach the bottle cap to the center of the rosette. Allow to set a bit, and then fill the bottle cap with Diamond Glaze. Let dry for 24 hours.

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