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Getting “Krafty” with Kraft-Tex by Christen Hammons

When I first heard about Kraft-Tex Paper Fabric I knew I wanted to try it. A substrate with the feel of paper but the durability of fabric? Sign me up! You can do just about anything to Kraft-Tex — stamp it, apply layers of paint, print on it — and it will stand up to it. It’s a great way to turn your mixed-media art into something wearable or durable, like a book cover, tote bag, or sleeve for your tablet. 

My mind has been on Christmas lately. I know, I know! But, as a crafter it’s important to work ahead on holiday projects. I really enjoy making homemade ornaments to give as gifts, and I thought Kraft-Tex would make the perfect base for them. To begin, I first cut out two hearts. I then applied a layer of gray paint, and let it dry. Once dry, I used spray inks, paint dabbers, and stencils to apply a few paint layers. Next I stamped a girl from Dina Wakley’s All the Gals stamp set twice onto one side, which I decided would be the front. Computer-generated text was also added to the front. To finish, I stitched the heart partially closed with embroidery floss, added stuffing, then finished stitching the heart. For added stability and an extra edgy look I also stapled the perimeter of the heart. I added a bit of embroidery floss for hanging.

It’s common for me to keep sheets of paper out to “clean” my brushes and stencils on. I hate wasting paint and ink, so if I ever have extra paint in a brush or ink on a stencil, I’ll rub it on the paper. I’ve made a lot of interesting backgrounds this way. I decided to do use the Kraft-Tex as my medium catch-all. Once I had built up some layers I decided to keep going with my holiday projects and make a gift topper that could also double as a brooch. To do this, I cut out two flowers from the used Kraft-Tex Paper Fabric, layered them, and added a brad to secure them. For extra dimension, I curled the flower petals. With a pin adhered to the back, this gift topper can also be worn after the holidays are over. It’s a great thing to include when sharing a gift with an artsy friend. 

There really is so much that can be done with Kraft-Tex that only your imagination limits you. I have great ideas for a messy, mixed-media Kindle sleeve and a re-usable book cover.

About the Artist:

Christen Olivarez is the Director of Publishing for Stampington & Company and
Editor-in-Chief of Somerset Studio, Somerset Life, Willow and Sage, Bella Grace,
Digital Inspiration, and Artists’ Café.

Interests: art, slow food, writing, books, yarn, authentic living


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