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DIY Engraved Mason Jar Mugs Kit

Create a hand-engraved sentiment on your next gift with this all-in-one DIY kit. The included engraving pen can engrave on wood, metal, plastic, leather, and glass with ease and is perfect for adding a homemade touch to gifts. The included Mason jar mugs can be filled with candies, hot chocolate mix, or even a themed gift, like a manicure set or some of their favorite things. Plus, we’ve included a brush calligraphy template, so your letters will come out picture perfect every time!

DIY Engraved Mason Jar Mugs Kit Includes:

  • 2 Mason jar mugs
  • 1 Darice engraving tool with replacement tip
  • Calligraphy Letters template


Cut out your desired letters and arrange inside your Mason jar mug. Trace these letters with permanent marker. Press the button on the engraving tool and slowly etch away the permanent marker letters. Wipe periodically with a dry paper towel. When finished, wipe with rubbing alcohol to remove any excess permanent marker.

Warning: Always wear protective eyewear while using this etching tool and do not breath the dust from the engraving process. Use with adult supervision only.

Do NOT use Mason jar mugs with hot beverages. 

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