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Cheers! New Year’s Eve Party Platter

New Year’s Eve is just days away — how are you celebrating? I have a tradition of sitting in my comfiest sweatpants and a pair of high heels to ring in the New Year in style. This year, I created something with plenty of sparkle and some faux-ligraphy that can be used as a party platter, can be hung on the wall, or can decorate the dessert table.

Cheers! New Year’s Eve Party Platter Directions:

Mix Dina Wakley’s Ocean paint with a little bit of Umber paint to mute the color a bit. Paint entire wooden tray with paint and let dry.

Blend Ice Resin according to the instructions and pour a little bit into the bottom of the tray. Sprinkle gold glass glitter into the tray, then fill the tray almost to the top with resin. Allow resin to cure overnight.

Use a permanent marker to add hand-lettering to the tray. Paint over each letter and let dry completely. Pour additional resin over the top of your letters.

To make the handles for the party platter, take several lengths of gold wire and twist them together. Curve the shape and attach to tray with strong adhesive (like E6000).

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