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Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley

Let go. Be bold. Unfold. Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley is an inspiring and encouraging book for both novice and experienced painters that teaches a spontaneous, bold, and fearless approach to painting as a process of discovery. Learn how to create colorful, unique, expressive paintings through a variety of techniques that combine basic, practical painting principles with innovative personal self-expression and personal growth.

  •     Learn techniques for working with vibrant color and avoiding mud.
  •     Make rich and varied marks with a variety of unexpected tools.
  •     Break compositional rules.
  •     Embrace nonattachment as a way to keep exploring.
  •     Keep momentum by moving your body and staying positive.
  •     Work with what’s working to let go of struggle.
  •     Connect more deeply to the world around you to stay inspired.
  •     Embrace layers to create rich complex paintings.
  •     Find rhythm by spiraling between chaos and order.

Soft cover, 128 pages.

By Flora Bowley

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