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Bloom Where You’re Planted DIY Project

You can find small succulents inexpensively at your local swap meet. Be on the lookout for different species to give your project unique dimension. As the library drawer's  primary purpose is for paper crafting, the wood may wear over time. Before potting the succulents, treat the wood with a coat of Collage Pauge to waterproof it. While succulents don't require excessive watering, it is a good idea to drill a couple of holes in the bottom of the drawer for drainage. Place your new planter in a window with plenty of sunlight and enjoy this bright and sophisticated piece of home décor. This low maintenance and cost-effective project is perfect to make for any occasion and lasts longer than a bouquet of flowers!

Note: Succulents do best in a drier, rocky potting soil. Instructions on the bag will usually indicate if the soil is suitable for cacti and succulents.

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