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A Mother’s Day Floral Bouquet Project by Catherine Garmany

Shopping Christmas holiday closeouts can be rewarding! That’s when I saw the clear plastic ornaments and a “Happy New Year” coaster pack. A cardboard Christmas tree flipped upside down is the perfect cone for a Mother’s Day bouquet. These projects are a finished gift that any mother would be happy to display well past Mother’s Day!

A Mother’s Day Floral Bouquet Project Directions:

Bouquet Cone

Start with a cardboard cone shape.

Prime the cone with a beige/light yellow acrylic paint. Don’t worry about being too precise. It will look aged with the brush strokes exposed. Keep it fairly dry to maintain its shape. The moisture from the paint can soften the cardboard. Brush some paint around the inside edge of the cone as well. Let dry completely.

Combine gel medium and opalescent paint to create a translucent finish and dry brush over entire cone.  Leave brush strokes visible.

For floral design, peel the back off a paper napkin and decoupage the images onto the cone with gel medium.

While the paint is drying on cone, start cutting the shapes for flowers. The floral papers used in this project were only one-sided, so attach washi tape to the back of each page to make the design double-sided.

Cut the papers into a scalloped edge, then roll around a chopstick or skewer to get a floral shape.

Use a hot glue gun to glue the flower to the base. Make approximately 7 flowers of varying sizes. Try to end up with an odd number of flowers as an even number ends up looking strange. Nature doesn’t place flowers evenly and neither should you.

Finish the cone with a layer of decoupage medium over the entire surface to provide a clean, uniform surface.

Cut a circle to fit about three inches inside the edge of your cone. Glue ric rac, old lace, or other fabric of choice around the perimeter of the cone.

Glue flowers to the top of the fabric. Create holes in the side of the cone and attach wire to create handles. You can also use yarn, torn fabric, or chain for the handle.

Print off sentiment and attach to the front of the cone..


Glue patterned paper onto the coaster.

Create a few flowers using the instructions above and attach to the coaster.

Adhere sentiment using three-dimensional foam dots.

Add half of a plastic globe ornament to over the design and attach with strong adhesive to the coaster.

About the Artist:

Catherine Garmany is Stampington’s Advertising Coordinator and has been following Stampington & Company since its first years. She has many of its publications and is an avid purchaser from the Shoppe. During the years of receiving inspiration from these beautiful publications, she always wanted to see her creations within their pages. With a background in art, Catherine dabbles in watercolor, mixed-media, and assemblage art. She loves to figure out new ways to utilize objects. Catherine lives in Southern California with her husband and sons.

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