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Listen to Your Inner Voice Art Journal Project by Vanes...
The Small Dylusions Journal provides a more compact size canvas, which for me is sometimes easier and a lot less intimidating than trying to fill up larger journal pages. It’s also really useful for art journaling on the go. I can carry this smaller-sized journal almost anywhere which gives me a better place to doodle, jot down thoughts, and create — as opposed to what I usually do, which is ju..
Mini Pallet Organization Board Project by Vanessa Spenc...
Start by staining a wood pallet with a dark brown wood stain, or alternatively, use brown acrylic paint. Allow to dry overnight. Carefully cut deco wrap into strips that are slightly smaller than the width of the pallets. The idea is to connect them, like a puzzle. Using Collage Pauge and a foam brush, generously apply the adhesive to the pallets, doing just one at a time and starting..
3 Ways to Use Essential Oils by Christen Olivarez
I’ve always known there are practically limitless ways to use essential oils, like adding a few drops of lavender to your bed linens to help you sleep and rubbing peppermint in your palms to keep you alert. While doing research for our newest magazine launch, Willow and Sage, I became even more fascinated with them. They can easily be incorporated into a number of home..
Scrap Metal Cuff Bracelets Project by Johanna Love
After Vanessa Spencer made a really clever and beautiful earring frame using MD metal sheets, there was some scrap left over that I thought I could put to good use and turn into my own cuff bracelets. Flower Cuff: My first project with these lovely bits and pieces of metal is the Flower Cuff bracelet. Using a good pair of metal hobby shears, I cut a rectangle that was about 5 inches long..
Mini Rustic Wood Crate Transfer Project by Johanna Love
I have lots of fun with my Instagram feed - taking good photos with your phone is a wonderful challenge. And when you finally manage to capture that perfect picture it’s only natural that you’d want to share it. However, if sharing it on social media platforms isn’t enough, these square wood pallets are the perfect size to display your favorite Instagram photos using the gel transfer method. ..
Chai Rack Turned Bathroom Caddy Project by Vanessa Spen...
The new chai rack can be used to hold many different creative odds and ends, and it’s especially suited to hold bathroom supplies. I filled mine with cotton balls, q-tips, cotton swabs, and some nail tools. What a divine way to organize and display toiletries and other essentials on your bathroom counter or shelf. The handles of the chai rack looks better if you embellish them. They’re mad..
Art Pops™ Boxes Project by Vanessa Spencer
Package a colorful gift for your creative friends with Roben-Marie Smith’s new Art Pops™ Sticker Tape. Fill them with art supplies for an inspiring gift, or crafting essentials that will awaken their muse. To embellish the ATC boxes, start by adding random splashes of pink acrylic paint with a foam brush. Once the paint has dried, ink up Dina Wakley’s Grungy Circles stamp with teal blue St..
Vintage Burlap Canvas Project by Vanessa Spencer
Start by painting Tim Holtz’s Idea-ology Bare Burlap Panel with white gesso, and allow it to dry. Attach a red decorative label or piece of cardstock to the bottom left corner of the canvas with adhesive. Cut out the little girl image from the Tweety Jill vintage ephemera collage pack. Before you glue the image onto the canvas, tie a piece of black scrapper’s floss around the collage girl image..
DIY Fresh Face Mist Project by Vanessa Spencer
A refreshing face mist is perfect to spritz on your face on a hot summer’s day, revitalize you in the morning, or simply use as a calming spray when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed. The blend of essential oils chosen for this project has powerful calming effects and combines to create a lovely aroma.   To Create the Custom Labels 
I used the back side of Ecology Natural Kraft ..
Putting Pen to Paper Projects by Christen Olivarez
I’ve wanted to play around with Montana Acrylic Paint Markers for a long time now, so when Shoppe Manager Vanessa Spencer brought a set by my office, I was very excited. There are a lot of paint markers out there, and I’ve purchased just about every kind, only to be disappointed. They just don’t work the way I want them to. The paint is often very transparent and runny. When applied on top of o..
Mixed-Media Bird Journals Project by Vanessa Spencer
Make your journal covers pop with bursts of color and bird stamps, sure to inspire an air of freedom as you create. Follow along with Shoppe Manager Vanessa Spencer for the simple tutorial: Start by painting the Moleskine journal covers roughly using white gesso and a foam brush. While the gesso is drying, stamp the Dina Wakley scribbly birds onto the Art Pops cards by Roben-Marie Smith us..
Printable Recipe on Treats Bags Project by Vanessa Spen...
Spruce up your packaging by printing a recipe directly onto Kraft bags, before filling them with homemade cookies.This way when your friends and family try the cookies, they will also get to take the recipe with them! Type up your recipe and make any desired adjustments to the font, text size, and alignment. When you are ready to print on the bags, place the Kraft bag into the printer with..
Mini Art Journal with Montana Paint Markers Project by ...
Scroll Down to View Some of the Products Used in this Mini Art Journal Project Start by altering the background of the mini journal board pages with Faber Castell Gelato colors of your choice. To achieve a watercolor effect, simply rub the sticks onto the pages then use a paper towel with a little water and wipe over and blend the colors. You will notice a unique watercolor effect. Feel fre..
Repurposed Frame Earring Display Project by Vanessa Spe...
Create a quick and easy, yet artistic earring display using the new, multifaceted MD metal sheets. With so many patterns to choose from, Vanessa picked the Union Jack design for this project. For the frame, Vanessa found an inexpensive design from a local thrift store. Once you've found a frame in the design and size you want, remove the glass and paint it. For the same mint green that Van..
DIY Business Cards Project by Vanessa Spencer
Create your own unique cards to promote your business and stand out. I created a few styles of DIY business cards using some simple supplies. Print out your business card information in a Word.doc and print directly onto white cardstock, kraft paper and patterned paper. For the cards printed on white cardstock, I sprayed them with some color washes. Once the cards had dried, I stamped them..
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