Ring in the New Year with Artful Resolutions

Artwork by Mou Saha

The impending arrival of 2013 and the beacon of hope and optimism that it represents is something that we’re all ready to embrace.  If you’re personally looking to take control of your creative vision, discover fresh perspectives and explore new art forms, we have you covered. Over the years, our Shoppe Manager has created dozens of inspiring projects designed to make keeping artful resolutions even easier, and we think they are worth a second glance.

Click here to view our Artful Resolutions Collection, and find all the resources you need to get creatively organized, venture into new crafts, and even benefit the environment!

Ready to take a creative leap of faith? Leave a comment below and tell us what YOUR artful resolutions are for 2013! We’ll select two winners at random to receive a 1) 2013 Desk Calendar and 2) 2013 Weekly Planner from Papaya Art to help you tackle and successfully achieve all your goals. Good luck and Happy New Year from all of us at Stampington!

[This giveaway has ended.]

*Contest is open to residents of the U.S. only.

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152 Responses to “Ring in the New Year with Artful Resolutions”

  1. Laure Janus says:

    My biggest resolution is to find a job this year, after 2.5 years of trying. It might not sound like an artful resolution but it really is, because the stress of being unemployed has effected my creative muse. I’m confident that 2013 will bring satisfying employment and a renewed creative spark.

  2. elle says:

    My word for 2013 is perfect as in ‘to perfect’, ie) improve! I will need to plan processes and impartations. This win would be a step in the right direction! ;^)

  3. RMarijaR says:

    Give myself permission to take a chunk of time every week to create collages, cards, tags-anything paper!!

  4. Debbie Thyr says:

    The “adult” that lives within is slowly being taken over by the “child” that is running amuck in my spirit. This will be the year that I let the child guide my art and allow her to dance and play on my palette. I am taking the time to learn a new medium (encaustics) and step back to those first projects that only a mom could love!
    Come play with me!

  5. Stephanie says:

    My artful resolution is to learn to not be afraid to try new things! I am so comfortable with my own “style” of creating that I often forget that I could be enjoying new things like different mediums, techniques, products to create!! Thank you for the chance to win these fabulous products!!

  6. Rebecca says:

    I just discovered art journaling this year. My artful resolution for 2013 is to spend at least 10 minutes every day doing something artsy – drawing, painting, coloring, art journaling, etc.

  7. Carolyn Adams says:

    My resolution is to get out unused products and materials and USE them instead of just collecting!

  8. Rani says:

    My artful declaration for 2013 is to “move,” more!!! Move in my creative endeavors and move on my health…. For the better!!!!

  9. maxine says:

    my resolution is to be courageous with my projects.. not to worry what anyone else thinks — to make what i like… to follow the project til its natural finish without worrying or wondering if anyone else likes it or will purchase it.

  10. Pat Langley says:

    Mt artful resolution is to try new projects with the many art materials I have in my studio. I sometimes think I need exactly what the teacher says, when in fact, I have a product pretty close.

  11. Marva says:

    My 2013 artistic resolutions are – to get back to sketching, and get back to blogging! :D

  12. My OLW for 2013 is EXPLORE – I want to explore some new art techniques (including pastels which I received as a present) and explore some new places.

  13. Colleen Melody says:

    My artful resolution is to complete some of my unfinished projects, of which I have far too many!

  14. My resolution is to create more and buy less – I have soooo much stuff I could open a store. I want to use it up!

  15. Jackie says:

    My resolution is to create one page in my art journal a week using quotes I have collected from the books I read in 2012.

  16. 2amscrapper says:

    My artful resolution is to practice “new to me” techniques with the products I’ve been collecting. The projects all look fabulous on everyone’s sites but I haven’t had time to do them myself. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Alina says:

    Make more art! I have many ideas that just do not seem to get to paper. I need to just make more art.

  18. Kathy Z says:

    My artful resolution for 2013 is to use some of my art supplies more andnin new ways! I need to paint with my watercolors more, use my neo crayons more, and even draw more…and I can’t wait!

  19. Donna Bowman says:

    My artful resolution is to create an art journaling calendar journal and keep up with it all year round!!

  20. Renee Zarate says:

    My 2013 art resolution is to keep trying new things and new products. I am also resolved to make art every day!

  21. Pamela Urban says:

    My artful resolution for 2013 is to create something /anything, no matter how small, every single day of the upcoming year. Even if it is just sewing on a button.

  22. Carolyn Williams says:

    My artful resolution is to clean and organize my office/work space so that I might become more creative. I have a couple of projects I have been putting off; completing a journal about my mother and making family trees for my granddaughters.

  23. Mary Ann T. says:

    My artful resolution for 2013 is to challenge myself to create and then submit my artwork or a new technique or project for publication. I’ve been saying I’m going to do this for some time, and it’s about time I took action.

  24. rush says:

    my resolution is to get rid of stuff by making more and different things other than cards! i also want to make something every day.

  25. Carmen Lucero says:

    My artful resolution for 2013 is to buy less and use more of what I have. (Things got out of control this year!)

    Thanks for the chance to win such a beutiful planner!

    Carmen L

    cal8007 at aol dot com

  26. I intent to be more PLAYFUL in 2013, to make art everyday, just for the pure love of it!

  27. I look forward to being creative everyday in the year 2013. I also look forward to getting out of my comfort zone to try new creative endeavors. Trying something new, something different every month will be a challenge, but I’m going to medal to the pedal on that for sure.
    Have a healthy and prosperous New Year Everyone!

  28. Kelly says:

    I resolve to shut down my inner critic and create more freely, pushing boundaries and self-imposed limits away!

  29. Heather says:

    My unusually specific goal is to Punk it up. I’ve enjoyed the whimsy of Steampunk and now I’m going tackle the craze in my own style. Can’t wait! Gears and clocks and metal, oh my!

  30. Margie UK says:

    My artful resolution for 2013 is to give more things to my friends and encourage them to try crafting for themselves. I want to share the fun I get from creating.

  31. Haleighanna says:

    My resolution is to carry a small journal and a few art supplies with me in my purse so that I can jot down ideas for art or my blog as well as capture moments that I want to explore or remember.

  32. My resolution is to be less afraid. That includes fear of my work not being “good enough”; fear of just trying over and over when something new is in my path. Fear is definitely what keeps me from doing all I can do.

  33. Katie B says:

    My artful resolutions for this year are to post and submit. I have neglected my blog and my goal of being published for too long. I am also resolving to stretch a bit and try new techniques and styles.

  34. Joan VanCourt says:

    My Artful resolution for 2013 is to create a mixed media art canvas, to decorate my kitchen, that expresses my life. And to keep to make an inspiration board to encourage myself to use different techniques on my art, cards and scrapbook pages. Plus, I am trying to use created sketches to make cards and scrapbook pages. Wish me luck. :)

  35. Anita says:

    My resolution is to do some artful journaling every day this year, even if it is only on sentence a day and the only art involved is a colored marker.

  36. Sami Swan Thompson says:

    My Artful Resolution is to solve problems more creatively. Living on disability benefits means I have little discretionary income to devote to purchasing craft materials, so I’ve resolved to buy what only I REALLY need, while recycling or repurposing as much as possible. It all begins with organizing the supplies I already own into a list, which will serve as a guideline when choosing new projects for 2013. I freely admit I’m addicted to Stampington and I’ll never stop shopping here; however, I’ll be a more organized shopper in 2013.

  37. Lois Romeo says:

    My artful resolution for 2013 is to stop worrying about having everything in my studio beautifully organized and looking picture-perfect and finally just have a wonderful time creating. My focal point in art is expanding the size of my art I create. I usually work on small, detailed pieces and now I want to work very large.

  38. NM Creatrix says:

    My word for the year is going to be contentment. It was my word for last year, but I continue to work on it… My art resolution is to make some art at least 3 days a week. I know that I will NEVER get art done every day, so I am being realistic and saying 3 days.

  39. Lisa M says:

    Papaya! Love love love their stuff.

    My resolution this year is to go in an entirely different creative direction at least once a month. I’ve been stuck in a “paper arts” rut for years, and while it’s been enjoyable, I’m ready to go back to the days when I used to try anything and everything. It’s great to have something you’re really, really good at, but I miss the days when I used to try something for the first time, usually messing it up in the process, and I think some little-used part of our creative brains get flexed when we’re learning something new.

    On my list to try this year are watercolor painting, floral decor and prim/vintage vignettes. And who knows what else will come along! :)

  40. Sue Morris says:

    My artful resolution is to bring more color and variety into my artwork by continuing to discover new and exciting techniques and using more of my neglected art supplies. Happy New Year to you!

  41. My resolution is to make more mixed media pieces and to start submitting them to your publications.

  42. Dionea says:

    My artful resolution for 2013 is to learn more art techniques and make it a point to make time for art and creating. I find it’s great for stress and I am much more at peace when I take the time to create.

  43. Chris says:

    My resolution – simply to find (MAKE) time to make more art!

  44. Deb says:

    To get organized. A bomb went off in my workroom with my Christmas crafting. Time to reset and restart.

  45. My resolution for 2013 is to learn at least 3 new stamping techniques and use at least 3 new art mediums on a project. I would like to write and submit an article to your publication which displays this (of course be published)!

  46. kelli piper says:

    i definitely need a calendar to keep my resolution to send cards to family and friends for birthdays and other special occasions.

    i would also like to read more books in 2013 and use what i have for craft projects or even everyday fashion.

  47. shelley in bigsky says:

    my personal change…is the create…whatever that may be…no pressure, no guilt trip…just create…

  48. pattisj says:

    I got a day planner, but it’s not as inspiring as Papaya’s. They make great products.
    One goal is to block out time and make an appointment with my art supplies on a regular basis. I also collect them, and need to put them to good use.
    Another goal is to create a light box for photography so I can commence submitting artwork.

  49. Regan says:

    My creative goals for the coming year include turning my watercolors of the Homeless into a book, begin a new series each month, and by the end of the year, have a body of work ready to show!

  50. Barbara Milton says:

    My resolution is to revive my art life and rededicate myself to a clear purpose within the art world.

  51. Alice says:

    My resolution will be to make more art and share more through my blog.

  52. Carol says:

    My artful resolution is to organize more, create more not buy more – I already have a whole store in my studio, and finish my Christy Tomlinson workshops so I can try out the new techniques I’ve learned!

  53. Lisa says:

    I am resolved to complete projects instead of just thinking them up and making lists for “one day”! I also intend to start blogging again.

  54. Jennifer Hodges says:

    I am going to journal on a 2 inch square daily to put in my art journal! Also create more and get some of my stash used up!

  55. SisterMuse says:

    My art resolution is to just DO IT! To give myself the gift of time for art. It feeds my soul and I definitely think that outranks making sure the floor is mopped!

  56. Dicksi says:

    My creative resolution is to TURN OFF THE TV! Put myself in my craft room & get busy. I also want to learn how & start my own blog so I can hopefully inspire others to unleash their creativity in the way that your & other blogs are inspiring me! Stop talking about it; DO IT! :) Happy New Year!

  57. Laura Lewis says:

    My resolution is to make art EVERYDAY, instead of waiting for an inspiring (or more convenient) moment…I think my soul will thank me for it.

  58. In 2013, I plan to live more simply and artfully and seek peace in my art.

  59. Diana in Texas says:

    My resolution for ART in 2013 is to contribute more to the community, via the Alzheimer’s Quilt Initiative and the C C Young Retirement Community.

  60. Susan says:

    My goal is to try some new things, and not give up before I even begin!

  61. Carol G says:

    My artful resolution is to clean and organize
    my craft room so that I can make time for
    art everyday.

  62. Rita Timmons says:

    My resolution is to do more art journaling and start using up some of the supplies I have been collecting in 2013!

  63. PUFF says:

    Working on art has made my life of better in everyway. My resolution is to do some type of art. everyday.

  64. CindyK says:

    My resolution is to clean up my work space so I can find all those wonderful hidden objects that I love, and to stay more organized!

  65. Ellen says:

    I love these products ;D
    My resolution is to create more, perhaps teach and make more GreenCrafts!
    Happy New You-I mean Year!

  66. Marilyn Curttright says:

    My artful resolution is to do a 365 day art journal, inspired by your handout from Kate Crane. I’m doing mine digitally, have the mock up for January & February completed (mol). I’m just waiting for each day to happen so that I can journal about it.

  67. Debbie Yerian says:

    My resolution is to starting using the skills and supplies that I have gathered over the past year. I attended Brave Girl Camp last July, and want to “create what I seek but cannot find”.

  68. Cathy Manus-Gray says:

    My resolution is to take some risks in my art and to use some new techniques in my art journals.

  69. Laura says:

    I will sketch EVERY day. Maybe a two minute doodle somedays, but pen will scratch paper EVERY day. I’ve done this in the past and my art, as well as my peace of mind, improved.

  70. Meredith says:

    Do more with my Fibre Arts/Mixed Media group, do more with our blog, do more art with all the supplies that I already have, do more teaching.

  71. Susan Batson says:

    My resolution for 2013 is to be more adventurous with my projects and try new ideas. I see many but am reluctant to try. Break out of my comfort zone!

  72. Susan Wilken says:

    Simple….make MORE art! Make more TIME for art.

  73. Cyndi Pink says:

    I am going to learn how to draw, although on the whimsical side. I want to expand my papercrafting hobby to a mixed media level and love seeing all the whimsical drawings others add to their artwork. I also plan on doing some batiking and encaustic art. Whew…I have a lot to learn this year. :)

  74. Anna Bowling says:

    My resolution is to connect with others who make art – other artist are the best resource.

  75. Julie Baier says:

    My artful resolutions are:
    1) Get and keep my studio organized!
    2) Return to taking classes from a variety of teachers and explore new techniques.
    3) Have less fear and more energy!

  76. Jani Howe says:

    I am resolved to SIMPLIFY in the New Year. I find myself, in my art, wanting to get my message across with less ‘fuss’. In doing this, I am going to use up materials I’ve bought but not used, and find new ways to simplify my life outside of art, even! Look out, Goodwill, here I come, car full of goodies for you! In using unused materials, I will even learn new things!

  77. For quite some time I have made a resolution to learn something new. In 2013 I want to try my hand at water color, more fiber art and mixed media.

  78. wendymc says:

    Buy less stuff, make more art! I seem to spend more time shopping and acquiring “stuff” (stamps, paper, paints, etc.) than I do actually using what I buy. So I hope to use up a good percentage of what I have so far in 2013 (of course, I’m doing too much shopping in these last few days of 2012)

  79. My word for 2013 is “BREATHE.” Whenever I loose focus or get scattered (which is often) I am going to remind myself to take a deep breath! Hopefully this will help me use my creative time wisely and be more productive.

  80. Carole K says:

    I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and I’m finding that the idea of a ‘Boob’ book, with altered art, inspiring quotes and blonde jokes, although NOT planned, is aiding my processing everything. My art goal for 2013 is continuing my cancer journey by learning more art journal techniques, to help get feelings out, be Fearless and Thrive!

  81. My creative resolution for the year 2013 is freeing up & letting go.

  82. Leah Steenberg says:

    My artful resolutions are: 1) to create an art projects with my nephews and niece every month and letting them “steer the boat,” 2) to be open to trying new methods and just keeping my mind open in general, and 3) to allow my feelings to come out in my creativity.

  83. I have become interested in so many various art projects that I opened a new Etsy store and named it Scatter Creations. This year I want to get back to the basics and focus more on handmade paperand cards. I adore working with different textures and hues of colors. The best part of any project is the embellishment phase.I am going for more surprise elements!?

  84. Judith Kaufman says:

    One project I’m planningon beginning on Jan 1st: My “take off” on the 5 year journaling each day. I’m going to use plain index cards and record something each day of 2013!
    I’m going to be more proactive about my art journaling. Taking an online class in “color mixing”. Learn, learn and learn!

  85. Lorri says:

    I want to set up a few “kits” of simple projects so when I find time and energy, Ican start right in rather than having to find “ingredients” first.

  86. arlene says:

    My new years resolution is to make art with my granddaughter every day!

  87. Faith says:

    My ‘Artful Resolution’ is to be BOLDER in my art; and to create more art to honour family celebrations!… so a planner would be so helpful! Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful & useful artworks.

  88. Marrianna says:

    My artful resolution for 2013 is to use only the supplies and rescued materials/laces/doilies/pens/pencils/notebooks/journals and tablecloths and scarves I’ve already found at thrift shops and garage sales AND create new and exciting pieces for women. The only supply I might need to replenish in 2013 is sewing thread. A new planner or calendar would certainly keep me on track for my goals. “Goals are dreams with a deadline.”

  89. Brenda says:

    Getting all the ideas out of my head and onto paper/paint and fabric.

  90. ANNA MARIE says:

    I have had the space and “desire” for almost 6 years, but somehow have never been able to overcome the resistance. This is the year! I am dealing with my inner critic. No more excuses. I start this next week and here’s proof—rather than worry about how stupid this post may be, I am submitting and then moving forward.

  91. Mary Jewula-Barnes says:

    I bought myself two SMASH books, and have started packing them with things from my stash drawer and vow to finally organize my arts, notes, letters and whatnots, and all things precious. I want these smash books to be packed with tidbits of myself by end of 2013!!!!

  92. Less tv and more art! To try more projects from the stampington magazines!

  93. Kitty says:

    I plan to create something beautiful each week…and try to give most of these away to spread as much joy as I can.

  94. Jackie Smith says:

    After years of spending and sending grandkids to camp, I’m going to send myself to an Art Camp this year – (but no cots or tents!)

  95. p boszko says:

    my artful resolution is to touch something creative every day…even if it’s just cleaning my craft space!

  96. Tisha H says:

    I agree with lots of the above comments! There’s so much I want to try or make and never enough time it seems. I recently finished a swap of gratitude journal pages, so I definitely will be writing a daily thought in 2013. And I just joined a 100 cards/projects in 100 days challenge starting Jan. 1st.

  97. Dorothy Roller says:

    My artful resolution is to finally start doing art journaling and mixed media that I have wanted to do but have been either too scared to try even with your wonderful magazines and books I have, or because I just don’t what to journal about or what to do with mixed media if I can’t draw very well.
    I am going to stop my fears and go for it.

  98. Yvette Shoemaker says:

    I am planning to create a little something everyday. Last year I pledged to create a new something very week of the year and I did it!

  99. Kym LaFontaine says:

    Take time for me-That is to take the time every week to spend the full day just doing what I love crafting or scrapbooking as well as I really want to learn more mixed media.art journaling and some upcycled jewlery pieces.

  100. Dawn says:

    To draw more and be more creative with my memory books.

  101. Kris Black says:

    My Artful Resolution for 2013 is to get my blog designed and up and running and then spend at least one day a week creating artwork to post, and to concentrate on using the tools and product that I have on hand.

  102. Patsy Tabbert says:

    My artful resolutions are (1) to expand my digital art journaling skills and try paper art journaling for the first time, (2) to think outside the box while making mini-albums, and (3) to learn new techniques in Photoshop to use on my digital art.

  103. Linda S. Cravens says:

    I plan to do art with my grandsons. Also to participate in creating “disposable art” for the homeless in downtown Phoenix.

  104. Amanda Kuykendall says:

    2013 will be about “and then some”- going further than before- like a baker’s dozen that has that little bit extra. Sometimes that will mean scaling back on adding details- going further in control, and other times taking risks and leaps off creative cliffs to land on that coveted island of fulfillment of seeing the inner vision become a reality. This year at least 12 new techiques will be studied and worked, not just oohed and awed! :D
    Happy Creative New Year everyone!

  105. Sherri says:

    I would like to complete a mixed media collage to hang in my bedroom this summer.

  106. Linda says:

    My resolution is practical and two-part. (1)complete the clean-up and reorganization in my study so that I actually can make things without the anxiety of disorder around me. (2) To lose the fear of using up something in an imperfectly executed project – which should also help with clutter control if I stop saving supplies for the ‘perfect project’!

  107. Patricia says:

    I have several art goals for 2013.

    One is to get back into graphite drawings, a college art passion that has been neglected for years. Dreading the rusty fingers and eyes, but imagine it’s like riding a bike, you never really forget.

    Two is to focus on one particular art medium and give it my all. I enjoy experimenting so much and playing all over the spectrum that it actually frustrates me. I never quite feel satisfied; but I bore easily so the constant diversion from sewing to painting to collage to paper mache to crocheting…….I love too much!

    Three is to keep my studio in better order, a place for everything and everything in its place.

  108. I am determined to join together my writing and my art skills……..I have gone crazy of art journaling and have even set aside days with my 13yr old granddaughter to enjoy this medium. She is so creative and not afraid to just let the art flow…including the writing. So I’m going to endeavor to be more like her!

  109. I’m going to encourage you in this, Susan!

  110. My resolution for 2013 is: “Don’t talk about it – just do it!”

  111. Melanie says:

    My art goal for the new year is to be more fearless in my art: try new mediums and make things that I really like; as opposed to what will sell.

  112. Angelique says:

    My artful resolution is to spend more time in the studio and draw, draw, draw.

  113. Cheryl says:

    Big or small, create art every day.

  114. Jan says:

    I signed up for a free online month-long workshop. 10 teachers and over 2000 participants, so I’m pretty much thinking that the creative muses will be flowing!

  115. Miss Iowa says:

    I want to learn how to watercolor and how to corporate it into my art, but underlying that is my main goal this year: carving out TIME to play and experiment.

  116. gloria schurman says:

    I resolve to work on my lettering! I took a class in 2012, received a parallel pen for Christmas, and now must just get to work – practice, practice, practice.

  117. Gail says:

    One of my goals for 2013 is to think of some new creative items to sell in my Etsy shop.

  118. Diana says:

    2013 the year of creative innovations! I hope and will definately try….

  119. Laura Stone says:

    My goal is to clean out the spare bedroom which is full of junk and change it from a “crap room” to a “craft room”.

  120. Liz S. says:

    My Artful Resolution for 2013 is to create art at least once per week, continue sketching, and bravely submit some projects to the magazines.

  121. Tricia Leng says:

    My biggest resolution is to take one or two online courses this year. I am hoping to increase my skill and knowledge and continue to make art regularly, if not daily.

  122. Jackie says:

    My artful resolution is to encourage others to take art risks – and to lead by example. Be fearless!

  123. Lauretta Lundquist says:

    RED!! To use red everywhere- everyday. Red in my room, on my body, at work, at play. Red on my walls and my art. Coca-cola red, blood red, poppy red, cranberry red- embroidered, painted,colored with crayons, spilled upon, splattered or thrown in a fit. Red-red-RED!
    2013 will be the year of red!

  124. bonnie says:

    My resolution is to believe in myself and know that “I am good enough”. I can then continue to enjoy the creative process without doubting myself.

  125. Monet says:

    2013 will be the year I give more time to my creative projects. Art journals, doodling, collage, watercolor… Create, don’t read about others art but make my own.

  126. Tina K says:

    I want to teach mixed media art. Here in the US or abroad. Teaching is nourishing. :)

  127. Nan says:

    To create every week from my stash and give it away

  128. nan says:

    To create every week from my stash and to give it away

  129. Lauri Thomas says:

    My Artful Resolution for 2013 is to start a creatively inspired business.

  130. Kim Wells says:

    My main goal is to reclaim my spare bedroom as my arts and crafts space! I intentionally rented a 2 bedroom place in order to use the second bedroom for my many and varied arts and crafts endeavors. Unfortunately, as with many parents with grown children, my youngest son had to find a temporary place to stay so I emptied the room for him to use putting many of my supplies in a hall closet (yet to be organized) and rearranged my bedroom to accomdate a worktable and some supplies. When I can reclaim that room you will hear my sigh of happiness!!

  131. Eileen Wehner says:

    I want to get my web site up and running. Right now its just an address with no content. I want to showcase my art and sell my jewelry!

  132. Cindy K says:

    After hand surgery to reconstruct a thumb joint on December 26, I will embrace the rehab as soon as the cast is off. I will regain the use of my hand so that I can get back to making ART. I scheduled a Seth Apter workshop for April 6 and 7…. so I will be motivated!

  133. Teresa says:

    2013 will be the year that I will not allow my ill health to stop me from anything creative. I will conquer it and do what I can. I will “focus” (my word for the year) on what I physically can do and then push that to the limits to accomplish the project that I have focused on.

  134. katie f. says:

    My Artful Resolution for 2013 is to scale back my perfectionism and create more freely. Rather than obsessing over every detail, I want to scribble, document, and move on to the next thing. I’ve halted my creative process out of perfectionism and 2013 will be the year of breaking free!

  135. My resolution is to continue with my daily meditations in conjunction with creating art or doing something creative everyday to find my true voice in my art.

  136. Cindi says:

    “Happy New Year!” I need to have more self
    confidence in my creative, artistic abilities…
    Thus, for the new year, I plan on branching out
    to various forms of mixed media; instead of
    just making cards!
    Many thanks and Happy New Year…

  137. Gayle says:

    My artful resolution is to finish cleaning up my studio so I have space to create

  138. Kimberly says:

    My artful resolution is to be so thankful for each day. To live each moment in the moment & make great art. it’s ALL about the experience!

  139. Marion says:

    journaling more frequently!

  140. Vicki J. Wade says:

    2012 was a busy year – finished an advanced degree, changed careers and employers, added extensive travel to my schedule. For 2013, I’d like to get back to mixed media and creating art for myself, for my own pleasure, relaxation and expression. When I could sell or use my creations for gifts, that was icing on the cake. It’s never been about making money, but rather a form of expression, a creative outlet and to stretch my mind and soul. After a remodel of my studio this year… I look forward to getting that time to myself again. :)

  141. Marcy says:

    I have signed up for the Life Book art course (one year) and plan to do all of the exercises and lessons!I plan to do a lot more mixed media, and also get a blog up and running!

  142. Linda says:

    My artful resolution for 2013 is finish projects started to free mind and space for new creations.

  143. Normajean Brevik says:

    My reso is to “declutter”! My studio is over flowing and now I need to do some serious decluttering before I move into my new studio!

  144. Sharon says:

    Simply to create more, rather than just daydream up ideas I don’t fabricate. On a practical level, that really means getting organized so that a) I know what supplies I have, b) I can actually locate them without digging through every other box/drawer, c) I have clear space to lay it all out and work … d thru z surely can be filled in!

  145. Nancy D. says:

    To get the garage turned into a studio so I can create again!!!!! I SO NEED this!!!

  146. My artful resolution is to try some new things, really stretch my creativity. My word this year is “abandon” as in “create with abandon” and try not to overthink things. And get more organized.

  147. Angela Gue says:

    My resolution this year is to be creative every day.

  148. My New Years resolution is to take two workshops I have dreamed about taking. Also,to stop procrastinating out of fear. I have set up my spare room into my own little studio, & organized my art supplies. Now it’s time to be free & create. This is going to be a fabulous, creative year!!!

  149. Celina says:

    My art resolution for 2013 is to use products from companies I have not tried before

  150. Celina says:

    My artful resolution for 2013 is to use products from companies I have not used before

  151. Penny Stuart says:

    Wow….not only will I be creating journals for a swap but I’m making 12 Cook Book Journals for work, numerous assemblages for a wedding, designing and decorating for a wedding (just ordered Mingle for ideas), creating a wedding journal (steps leading to the big day), a personal journal that I have been putting off for years (I started it five years ago but due to the death of my father, my son’s first year at college away from home and my husband and I quitting our jobs – I put it off, I’m ready to create again). I am so ready to create again…..I mean – for me!

  152. jen davis says:

    my a.r. is to not label myself, as, say, bookmaker or woodworker or teacher or designer, but to encompass myself as artist and have my life fall into place around that.

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